Can I give judiciary exam after BBA LLB?

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Yes, you are eligible for PCS J after BBA LLB. But, for that you have to appear for exam which is conducted by state Government of each state and you have to clear all 3 stages, Pre, Mains, interview if you qualified the same then you are eligible for the post. Yes, you are eligible for PCS J after BBA LLB.

How can I become a judge in India after BBA LLB?

The basic minimum requirement to become a judge is that you need to complete a Law degree from a college recognised by Bar Council of India. You can pursue law directly after completion of Class 12th with a 5 year integrated law course like BA LLB, BCOM LLB, BBA LLB etc.

What is the best job after BBA LLB?

And BBA LLB graduates can best fit this role with the integrated knowledge about management and law.
Human Resource Manager
  • Government Attorney.
  • Banking Ombudsmen.
  • Trademark and copyright attorney.
  • Assistant Magistrate.
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor.
  • Finance Manager.
  • Company Secretary.
  • Management Accountant.

Which LLB course is best for become a judge?

Lower Judicial Services (LJS)

Eligibility: Candidates must have a 3 year LLB degree or 5 year integrated LLB degree. Age Limit: Candidates must not be less than 21 years of age or more than 35 years of age.

Which stream is best for judiciary?

The selection of candidate for Judicial Service is through written exam followed by personal interview. The successful candidate will be appointed as Judge in respective Judicial Service. You should go for commerce/arts stream. Political science is most important subject and economics.

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Which degree is best for judge?

Qualifications to Become a Judge in High Court

Must have an LLB/LLM degree. He/she should have held a judicial office in India for 10 years or he should have been an advocate of a high court for 10 years.

Is LLM necessary for judiciary?

For becoming judge LLM is not needed . After LLB become member of Bar Council and start practicing . With in 2 years pass Bar Council exam . Then pass Judicial Service Exam and become judge .

Is judicial exam tough?

Undoubtedly, judicial services exams are amongst the most difficult competitive exams in the country.

Can BA student become judge?

Yes you can become a judge after BALLB. I can tell you about LPUs BALLB program. LPU's Law program is duly affiliated with the Bar Council of India (BCI) which is one of the Best in India in terms of quality education & creating excellent career aspects.

Is CLAT compulsory for BBA LLB?

It is compulsory to appear in clat exam for doing BBA.

Is BBA LLB tough?

BBA LLB is not very tough course if you take interest in your studies and regularly attend your classes. Any average intelligent student can complete BBA LLB easily.

Which is better BBA LLB or BBA MBA?

BBA and MBA is a really good combination. BBA will give you insights into business working and give you some information about what exactly is corporate world. After BBA you can give CAT exam or any other exam and get admission into good MBA college. Once you get good college you can get placements in top companies.

Can I become a judge after MBA?

You just need to pass in that exam. The minimum eligibility criteria to become judge is, graduation from any recognised college in any stream with LLB and you should have score at least 5% percent marks in graduation marks.

Can I become judge without becoming advocate?

It is not compulsory to practice in court in order to become a civil judge . There is no need of any experience certificate of practice as an advocate for post of civil judge first class but in today trends of competition exams of judiciary, approximately 5- 10 question ask from practical knowledge of court practice.

What is the qualification of a judge?

An individual wishing to be a Judge must acquire at least an LLB. They are also required to be an Indian National and clear the Judicial Services Examination. The job of a Judge brings lots of respect and responsibilities along with it. A Judge of any court is considered to be honourable, impartial and of high stature.

Can I become judge without CLAT?

Hello Aspirant, You can become a judge only if you qualify the Judicial Services Examination. For this you need to have an LLB degree to appear for the competitive exam. If you have qualified 12th board exam, You can appear for CLAT, AILET, LSAT India and SLAT.

How can I become a magistrate in India after LLB?

How to become a Judge (Magistrate) in India?
  1. Step 1 – The first requirement to become a judge in India is to possess an LL. B degree from any University/College recognized by the Bar Council of India. ...
  2. Step 2 – Once the LL. B degree is in hand, the graduate has to compete for the State Judicial Services Examination.

What is the minimum age to become a judge in India?

District Judge Selection - 35 Years Minimum Age Limit Prescribed By High Courts Not Against Article 233 Of Constitution : Supreme Court.

Who is powerful judge or IAS?

Power. Judges have Judicial powers and IAS have executive powers. But a Judge may summon an executive officer such as IAS/IPS in the court, punish him, order him to do/not to do certain things. Reverse is not possible as IAS/IPS can't exercise any power on Judges.

Is 1 year enough for judiciary preparation?

It requires at least 1-2 years of dedicated preparation if you are starting from scratch. On the other hand, if you were paying attention in college itself and actually studied from cases and bare acts and not guidebooks, you can clear the exam with 6 months of preparation also.

Can I clear judiciary in first attempt?

Firstly, you need to understand that cracking the judiciary exam is a tough task but not an impossible task. If you are dedicated to your goal with the correct approach, you can definitely crack the exam on the first attempt.

Are tattoos allowed in judiciary?

Are tattoos allowed in judicial service examination? Tattoo won't make any problem but the tattoos should not be normally visible. Suppose your tattoo is in your biceps of your limb then it is not visible. It won't create any problem.

How can I join Indian judiciary?

To become a Judge in India, a student has to qualify for the Judicial Service Examination conducted by Public Service Commission (PSCs) of the respective states. This is an entry-level exam for law graduates to become members of the subordinate judiciary.

At what age can you become a judge?

Age: The age of the candidate applying to be a judge should neither be less than 21 years not more than 35 years. Educational Qualification: The applying candidate should retain a degree in law.