How many ACLU members are there?

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With more than 1.7 million members, 500 staff attorneys, thousands of volunteer attorneys, and offices throughout the nation, the ACLU of today continues to fight government abuse and to vigorously defend individual freedoms including speech and religion, a woman's right to choose, the right to due process, citizens' ...

Is the ACLU against Christianity?

The ACLU has long fought for religious freedom, for the right of each and every American to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all. Our support for the separation of church, for example, is not a position against religion.

How is ACLU funded?

The ACLU is nonprofit and nonpartisan. We do not receive any government funding. Member dues as well as contributions and grants from private foundations and individuals pay for the work we do.

Who does the ACLU represent?

The American Civil Liberties Union was founded in 1920 and is our nation's guardian of liberty. The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Is ACLU a nonprofit?

The ACLU is a 501(c) (4) nonprofit corporation, but gifts to it are not tax-deductible. It is the membership organization, and you have to be a member to get your trusty ACLU card. ACLU monies fund our legislative lobbying--important work that cannot be supported by tax-deductible funds.

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Why should I join ACLU?

The ACLU protects every person's private decisions about what to believe and say, if and how to worship, who to love, and when and whether or not to have children. We take on politicians and government officials who ignore the Constitution and put liberty at risk.

Who is Anthony Romero ACLU?

Anthony D. Romero is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, the nation's premier defender of civil liberties. He took the helm of the organization just seven days before the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Who is the head of the ACLU?

Romero (Born July 9, 1965) is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union. He assumed the position in 2001 as the first Latino and openly gay man to do so.

Does the ACLU defend religious freedom?

The ACLU vigorously defends the rights of all Americans to practice their religion and express their faith, including public school students. Below are examples of our advocacy over the past decade on behalf of students of a variety of faiths.

Does the Bible contain examples of Christians affecting ungodly societies for the kingdom of God?

Question 9 The Bible does not contain examples of Christians affecting ungodly societies for the Kingdom of God.

What does the Free Exercise Clause state?

The Free Exercise Clause protects citizens' right to practice their religion as they please, so long as the practice does not run afoul of a "public morals" or a "compelling" governmental interest.

What are the 5 civil liberties?

The essential civil liberties guaranteed in the United States are, in no particular order:
  • Right to privacy.
  • Right to a jury trial.
  • Right to freedom of religion.
  • Right to travel freely.
  • Right to freedom of speech.
  • Right to be free from self-incrimination.
  • Right to bear arms.
  • Right to marry.

What is the ACLU stipend?

Candidates must have completed at least one year of law school or another graduate degree program. Interns who do not have access to other sources of funding will be given a $6000 stipend for a full-time, 10-week summer internship.

How many ACLU chapters are there?

It is nonpartisan and nonprofit, with headquarters in New York, a legislative office in Washington, D.C. and more than 300 chapters nationwide.

How did Gideon v Wainwright extend civil liberties?

One year after Mapp, the Supreme Court handed down yet another landmark ruling in the case of Gideon v. Wainwright, holding that the Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial guaranteed all defendants facing imprisonment a right to an attorney, not just those in death penalty cases.

What took place with the ACLU in 1966?

1966 -- The ACLU won a major legal victory in White v. Crook, a challenge to Alabama's exclusion of women from criminal juries. 1967 -- The ACLU's National Board affirmed a woman's constitutional right to abortion and called for the repeal of all criminal abortion laws.

Who does the ACLU protect?

The ACLU fights to protect civil liberties and rights for all Americans in courts across the country.

What kind of cases does the ACLU take?

The ACLU generally files cases that affect the civil liberties or civil rights of large numbers of people, rather than those involving a dispute between individual parties.

Is there an ACLU in every state?

The ACLU protects your freedom through a nationwide network of staffed offices in every state, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

What strategies does the ACLU use?

Going forward, the ACLU's plan of action includes concrete steps to:
  • Demand government accountability and transparency. ...
  • Protect the rights of immigrants. ...
  • Defend reproductive rights. ...
  • Protect First Amendment rights. ...
  • Defend LGBT rights. ...
  • Defend core civil rights and civil liberties from erosion. ...
  • Mobilize the American people.

Is donating to ACLU tax-deductible?

ACLU: Gifts to the ACLU allow us the greatest flexibility in our work. While not tax deductible, they advance our extensive litigation, communications and public education programs. ... When you make a contribution to the ACLU, you become a “card-carrying” member who takes a stand for civil liberties.