How many solicitors and barristers are in the UK?

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From April 2018 to March 2019, there were approximately 24 thousand barristers and judges employed in the United Kingdom. However, solicitors made up the majority of individuals working in the legal sector, with 128 thousand solicitors employed in the United Kingdom.

How many solicitors are there in the UK?

The chart below shows the trend in the number of practising solicitors (those holding practising certificates) in England and Wales. There are currently 156,122 practising solicitors.

How many barristers are there in the UK in 2020?

As at 1 April 2020, there were 16,946 barristers, 148,284 solicitors and 8,109 Chartered Legal Executives (out of a total CILEx membership of around 20,000), based on the definitions outlined in the previous section.

How many barristers are there in the UK?

There are around 15,000 barristers working in England and Wales.

How many barristers are there in the UK 2021?

As of 2021 there were approximately 35.2 thousand people employed as barristers and judges in the United Kingdom compared with 21.9 thousand in 2010.

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Who earns more solicitors or barristers?

Solicitors have a more stable income but the top barristers get paid more than most top solicitors; although the average solicitor may be paid more. Add to that the one year barristers have to spend in pupillage/deviling and the risks of taking the barrister path are higher.

What is the average age of a barrister?

The average age of practising barristers increased less dramatically than the figure for all barristers, from 38.5 years old in 1990/91 to 46.5 in 2019/20, with male barristers around six years older than their female colleagues.

Who is the highest paid barrister?

Graham Aaronson QC, Michael Flesch QC and David Goldberg QC, are, according to this year's Legal 500 of leading barristers and solicitors, the highest earners at the Bar. They are closely followed by three commercial silks, led by the Labour peer Lord Grabiner QC, who are each estimated to have earned £1.25m last year.

How many female barristers are there in the UK?

– The proportion of women at the Bar has increased 0.2pp since December 2019. As of December 2020, women constituted 38.2 per cent of the Bar compared to an estimate of 50.2 per cent of the UK working age population. – The proportion of female QCs has increased year on year, from 16.2 per cent to 16.8 per cent.

How many female solicitors are there in the UK?

As of 31 July 2019, there are 195,821 solicitors on the roll. Of these solicitors on the roll: 101,492 are women and 94,329 are men. 27,333 of solicitors are from minority ethnic groups (based on the proportion of admissions where ethnicity is known)

How many barrister chambers are there?

Regional Bar: supersets and beyond

According to Bar Council statistics, just over half of the 750 or so chambers in England and Wales are located outside London, and just over one-third of all barristers in private practice work from within them.

How many barristers in the UK are self-employed?

The vast majority of the 15,000 practising barristers in England and Wales are self-employed and act as 'independent practitioners' (around 80% according to the Bar Council).

What percentage of barristers are male?

at 62.0 per cent, men still outnumber women at 37.4 per cent at the practising Bar. The percentage of women at the Bar overall increased by 0.4 per cent during the last year; the percentage of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) practising barristers has increased by 0.3 per cent compared to December 2017.

Are there too many UK solicitors?

The number of practising solicitors in England and Wales has reached another all-time high as the profession continues to defy all predictions of a potential shakeout. ... Regulatory data shows there are now 15,000 more solicitors than five years ago.

How many barrister chambers are there in England and Wales?

There are chambers all over England and Wales; however, the largest concentration of them is in London. A report by the General Council of the Bar in 2006, showed that of the 355 practising chambers in the United Kingdom, 210 were based in London.

How many barristers are there in London?

There are approximately 15,500 practicing barristers, of whom, roughly, 35% are women. Barristers are not allowed to form partnerships or companies, and, therefore, each barrister is regarded as a self-employed sole practitioner.

How many black barristers are there in the UK?

According to the BSB, of the 3,364 BAME barristers in this country, 1,497 are Asian or mixed, while 479 barristers are black.

What percentage of barristers are black?

– The percentage of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) barristers at the Bar has increased 0.3pp since December 2017 to 13 per cent, compared to an estimate of 15.5 per cent of the working age population in England and Wales.

How many black female barristers are there in the UK?

THERE ARE just five black women QC barristers in England and Wales, and only 17 black men, according to new research. The Bar Council's Race Working Group has released a damning report into the current inequalities faced within the judiciary system by black and minority ethnic professionals.

What is QC after a lawyer's name?

Updated on November 30, 2019. In Canada, the honorary title of Queen's Counsel, or QC, is used to recognize Canadian lawyers for exceptional merit and contribution to the legal profession.

What is a QC VS barrister?

A QC is a very senior barrister or solicitor advocate who is recognised as an expert and leader in their legal field. A QC will often take the lead on cases, particularly highly complex cases which demand greater experience and expertise.

How does a barrister become a QC?

Queen's Counsel are appointed from amongst practising advocates – both barristers and solicitors. They are appointed because they have demonstrated excellence in advocacy in difficult cases in the higher courts of England and Wales, or in tribunals or arbitrations.

Who was the youngest barrister in the UK?

Gabrielle Turnquest became the youngest person in the UK to be called to the bar in 600 years, after qualifying as a barrister at the tender age of 18 years old.

Is the bar exam hard UK?

Like any exam if you have studied and learned your subject, then It's not too arduous. You also have modules in advocacy, drafting, opinion writing, plus a further 2 area if law etc. It's tough but when you pass, you feel wonderful.

Who is the youngest barrister?

Cape Town– Nigeria's Esther Chukwuemeka, who was denied admission to study law at Abia State University (ABSU) due to her young age, has at 20 years old, become Africa's youngest barrister (advocate) to be called to the Nigerian Bar as a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.