How much money does Louis Litt make?

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Louis is a kickass lawyer as we know, just like Harvey, but he may not get the same amount in bonuses per year so judging by his house in NYC and the interior of it that we see a lot of in series four. I think its about 3.5/4 Million per year. But this could be off by at least $1,000,000.

How does Louis Litt have so much money?

, 4 years studying physics. The answer to that is simple and has been highlighted throughout the series repeatedly. It's that Louis has impeccable financial prowess and also saves up the most ( like he indicated by saying “fiscal responsibility”).

What is Harvey Specter's salary?

Originally Answered: How much money does Harvey Specter make? Harvey makes at least $5.66MM. This is made of $666k in salary and $5MM+ in bonus.

How much does Mike Ross earn?

Working as a first year associate at a New York big-law firm, Mike Ross was making 160K a year plus a bonus. As a second and third year associate he probably pulled in 170K and 185K respectively. Plus he works 70-odd hours a week. , former Now Retired Interested in travel.

Is Louis Litt better than Harvey?

While Litt makes the name partner eventually, he is never seen or believed to be as good as Specter. Litt has a deeper clientele and produces the highest billables in the firm, far more than Specter. He is the best finance-lawyer in the city and is loyal to the firm as much as Specter, if not more.

Louis Exposes How Much Money Harvey Earns To The Entire Firm | Suits

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Is Suits like real life?

Originally Answered: How real is the TV-series “Suits”? It's purely fictional. Real lawyers in a law firm have to sit 60+ hours in front of a computer every week.

Who is the best lawyer in Suits?

Harvey Specter from Suits

Another Suits character and another Harvey. You simply cannot have a list of the best fictional lawyers and leave out this guy. He is smarter than most other TV and film lawyers as he always tries to settle his cases to avoid the courtroom.

How much does Gabriel Macht earn?

Gabriel Macht net worth: Gabriel Macht is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $8 million. Born in The Bronx, New York, Gabriel Macht grew up in California. He went on to graduate from Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts in the mid-90s.

What is Mike Ross's IQ?

Therefore Harvey~140 and mike~150–160.

What is Donna's salary in suits?

The average salary for a legal secretary in New York City is $65,000 and it looks like the top law firms pay up to $80,000. Since Donna has plenty of experience and is a secretary for a Senior Partner at a top firm in the City, she probably runs around $70–80 thousand.

How much does Rachel Zane make?

Meghan Markle's Suits character, Rachel Zane, is a high flying paralegal at a New York law firm earning earning $52,268 which is the equivalent of £38,623 and £3,219 per month.

Is Pearson Hardman a real law firm?

The law firm ever

The fictitious Pearson Hardman law firm is amazing at many levels. ... Processes, relations and organizations of law firms in real life are alike what is depicted in the TV show, even though it may seems crazy.

How much was Mike's bonus on Suits?

Impressed at his tactics, Harvey offers Mike the associate position, with the $25,000 he needs as a signing bonus, which Mike accepts. Harvey, however, takes it back, saying Pearson Hardman only hires from Harvard Law, and that Mike has never even gone to any law school.

Who is Zane in Suits?

Wendell Pierce: Robert Zane.

Where is Harvey Specter's apartment?

The apartment located at 1601/477 Boundary Street, Spring Hill allows you to walk in to wrap around city-and-horizon views similar to those that greet the show's sharp-dressed mainstay lawyer, Harvey Specter, each evening.

What age is Harvey Specter?

Macht is known for playingThe Spirit in the eponymous 2008 film adaptation , and for his role as Harvey Specter on the USA Network series Suits . Harvey Specter is 47 years old. Originally Answered: How old is Harvey specter? Harvey Specter was born in the year 1972 so that makes him around 43 years old.

Does Matt Damon have a high IQ?

Matt Damon — IQ: 160 | 21 Celebrities with Sky-High IQ Scores | Purple Clover. Quick, what do Conan O'Brien and Meryl Streep have in common? The smart answer is that both are stars with remarkably high IQs. ... His IQ is reportedly 160, which puts him up there with Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Does Harvey Specter go to jail?

At one point, we see Harvey get arrested for conspiring with a federal prosecutor, and overhear him defiantly say, “Every line I have ever crossed, I'd do it again.” Ever the maverick attorney. Watch the teaser above. Suits' final four episodes start airing Wednesday, Sept.

How did Mike betray Harvey?

When Harvey's mother found out, she attempted to pay Harvey back, who refused to accept her money. She then gave the money to Harvey's brother for him to pay back. ... Harvey lashes out at Mike for betraying him, firing him as his associate and leaving Mike to return to the associate pool.

How tall is Harvey Specter in real life?

He stands at 6 foot tall.

Who is smarter Harvey or Mike?

Harvey is better mainly as a result of knowledge from experience as well as "graduating" from law school. He obviously knows law better thaN Mike and makes better decisions quick (as a result of his vast experience). Not mixing emotions with business also does work for him.

Is Louis Litt good character?

All Lous ever wanted was to be included. He had to claw his way to the partner's table and, once he got there, he demanded more. But he never did it in a backstabbing kind of way. When he's on his game and his stride is in full bloom, Louis is hands down the best character to ever appear on Suits.

Who is the world best lawyer?

Here are the top 10 highest paid criminal lawyers in the world:
  1. Jose Baez. Jose Baez is the best lawyer in the world, with a net worth of $7 million. ...
  2. Willie E. Gary. ...
  3. John Branca. John graduated from UCLA Law School with a law degree. ...
  4. Vernon Jordan. ...
  5. Harish Salve. ...
  6. Vikkie Ziegler. ...
  7. Stacey Gardner. ...
  8. Howard K.