Is a caution a criminal record?

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Although a caution is not a conviction, it forms a part of a person's criminal record and can be used as evidence of bad character if a person is prosecuted for another crime, and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously called Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks) for certain types of employment.

Does a police caution go on your record?

Caution. If you admit an offence, the police can give you a caution. A caution is not a conviction. A caution is a warning which stays on your record for six years if you're an adult, or two years if you're under 18.

Is a simple caution a criminal record?

Simple cautions form part of the offender's criminal record. They may be referred to in future legal proceedings and may be revealed as part of a criminal record check..

Can you get a caution removed from your record?

A conviction can never be removed, but out of court disposals such as cautions, warnings and reprimands can be deleted entirely from the Police National Computer if sufficient grounds can be established. Even your arrest record can be deleted in certain circumstances.

Do I have to disclose a caution?

What does spent mean? Once a conviction, caution, reprimand or final warning becomes spent, you do not need to disclose it to most employers, or when applying for most courses, insurance or other purposes (e.g. applying for housing).

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Should I accept a caution from the police?

You do not have to accept a caution! A caution is a possible outcome of an arrest, which you may be offered instead of being charged. The police make cautions sound less serious, but they are an admission of guilt, and will still go on your record.

Does a caution Show on DBS?

Protected convictions or cautions are convictions or cautions which are filtered during the DBS check process - this means that they will not appear on the DBS certificate.

How long do Cautions stay on your DBS?

Cautions can be issued to anyone over the age of 10 years old. Once a police caution has been issued, it will generally appear on your record used by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for six years (this is reduced to two years if you were under 18 at the time the caution was issued).

Can you go to America with a caution?

Can I Enter the U.S On ESTA If I Have A Caution? ... It is likely you will need to apply for the appropriate visa and possibly secure a waiver of inadmissibility in order to be eligible to travel to the U.S.

How much does it cost to remove a caution?

A police caution deletion application is technically free (unless you need to go to Court), but then everyone is free to represent themselves in any legal proceedings – from the most minor traffic incident, all the way to murder.

Can I get a job with a caution?

If you have received a criminal conviction or caution in the past, you may be concerned about your future career prospects. ... By law, employers are not able to rule out job applications because of previous convictions, as long as the conviction or the caution has been 'spent'.

Is a caution a charge?

A caution is not a criminal conviction, but it could be used as evidence of bad character if you go to court for another crime. Cautions can show on standard and enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Why do police caution you?

A caution can be issued at the discretion of the police as a formal warning to somebody who admits to committing a criminal offence. Cautions can be a quick and useful tool for the police to give to first time offenders who have committed relatively minor offences.

How do I get a caution removed from my DBS?

You may be able to have your caution 'expunged' from your criminal record by applying to the police, via the ACRO Records Deletion Unit. You can do this yourself by setting out a well-argued and comprehensive reason as to why the police should consider 'expunging' your caution.

Can a police caution be overturned?

There are many instances when accepting a caution is the most appropriate course of action. ... Anyone who believes they have mistakenly accepted a caution should seek early legal advice. Depending on the circumstances, police cautions can be overturned but swift action is normally required.

Can I travel to Canada with a caution?

Under Canada's immigration law, if you have committed or been convicted of a crime, you may not be allowed into Canada. In other words, you may be “criminally inadmissible.”

Can I travel abroad with a police caution?

Travelling abroad, in brief.

Having a criminal record does not bar you from travelling abroad. ... You will be required to apply for a visa when travelling to certain countries (for example the USA and Australia).

Will a caution affect my visa application UK?

Declaring a caution or conviction will not necessary mean that your application will be rejected. It's important to recognise that failing to fully disclose your criminal record might lead to you being considered as attempting to deceive the system.

Can I work in care with a caution?

The short answer to that question is that you are not automatically disqualified from working in the care industry simply because you have criminal activity recorded against you. To be refused a role as a care worker based on your history, the crime must be relevant to the position.

How long does a simple caution last?

The DBS service will 'filter' the individual's record. The filtering rules provide that an adult simple caution will be removed after 6 years have elapsed since the date of the caution – and if it does not appear on the list of offences relevant to safeguarding.

How do you explain a police caution?

What is the police caution wording? The wording of a Police caution is: “You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.

Is my caution protected?

A caution is a "protected caution" if: It does not relate to a listed offence. It was given to a person aged under 18 at the time of the caution and two years or more have elapsed. It was given to a person aged 18 or over at the time of the caution and six years or more have elapsed.

What are spent cautions?

Cautions, warnings and reprimands become spent immediately, and conditional cautions are considered spent after three months. The time-frame for which a conviction is deemed spent varies, and things are complicated more if another crime is committed.

What does cautioned mean?

Purpose. A police caution (since 2005 more properly known as a simple caution) is a formal warning given by the police to anyone aged 10 years or over who has admitted that they are guilty of a minor crime. A person may refuse to admit guilt and not accept a caution, but can then be subject to criminal prosecution.

When should I accept caution?

By accepting a caution you are accepting responsibility for the offence you have been accused of, the effect of which is the same as pleading guilty in Court. You are saying “yes, I committed this offence”. A caution can only be administered where there is a clear admission of guilt from the person being cautioned.