Is Ballb good for IAS?

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Law Profession has become very popular among many youngsters today. ... BA-LLB combines the best of Arts streams along with selected Law streams to bring the best of both together along with IAS & IPS coaching which aims at a very high probability of success in making it to the top.

Is Ballb helpful for UPSC?

No, you cannot give UPSC examination while being in your 3rd year of BA LLB as BA LLB course of 5 year duration, so even though you are in your third year you are still not a graduate and so not eligible for UPSC examination.

Can I do IAS after Ballb?

Yes,absolutely you can give upsc exam after doing a ba llb . it is not a impossible task , alongwith study ,you can join coaching for upsc . Another thing is that,ba llb covers mostly constitution and subject like history that would cover your mostly syllabus of mains as well ,so don't be worry about it.

Is law degree good for UPSC?

One might wonder what is the importance of the educational qualification when you are applying for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Law graduates have a definite advantage in Civil Services because both the domains involve formulating regulations or decisions for the common good of the public.

Which BA degree is best for IAS?

BA (bachelor of art's ) degree is best to become an ias officer . If you have to prepare for civil service before graduation then you can go with BA. Because mostly humanity's subjects are included in the civil service. General studies paper 2= political science and public administration.

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Can a arts student become a IAS officer?

After 12th Arts, one is not eligible to become an IAS officer. To become an IAS(Indian Administrative Service) Officer one has to crack Civil Service Exam conducted by UPSC after Graduation.

Can arts student become IAS?

Not only Arts students but also Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Designers in fact anybody i.e. any UG graduate who has completed 21 years of age can take the IAS exam.

Can I do IPS after Ballb?

BA-LLB combines the best of Arts streams along with selected Law streams to bring the best of both together along with IAS & IPS coaching which aims at a very high probability of success in making it to the top.

Can IAS officer do LLB?

HYDERABAD: Legal studies, be it either Bachelor of Law, Master of Law and PG diploma, are the most sought after courses by the All India Service officers mostly IAS, IPS and IFS and as well as the officials working central enforcement agencies like Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax, GST in Hyderabad.

Can a law student crack UPSC?

Vasu, who secured an All India Rank 67 was a student of Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), he cleared the competitive exam in his third attempt. ... He left his teaching career behind to prepare for UPSC, he cleared the examination in the 3rd attempt by securing an All India Rank of 67. Q.

Which is best BA or Ballb?

The choice of course selection needs to be based on the interest of the candidates. Those who desire to specialise in the law sector and Wish to become an attorney in a court should choose BA LLB course. It will open professional possibilities in fields like taxation, accounting, business law, criminal law, etc.

Can I give UPSC after 5 years LLB?

You can give IAS only after completing your full five year BA-LLB degree program as UPSC CSE demands a graduation degree from a recognized university. Yes, you can also give in final year but not in third year of BA-LLB. So, either you complete your full five time graduation program or in the final year, you can give.

Where is srushti Deshmukh posted?

No one will be in this country who does not know Srushti Jayant Deshmukh, But there might be some people who do not know about her, so, let us tell you who is Shrusti Jayant Deshmukh. She is an Indian Administrative Service [IAS] officer. She has been posted as Assistant Collector, at Dindori, Govt. of MP.

Can I give upsc in 3rd year of BA?

Yes, final year students can also sit for the UPSC prelims exam. But there are conditions attached to this: The passing of the said final year exam should render the candidates eligible for the UPSC civil services exam, i.e., it should be a graduation-level degree from a recognised university.

What can I do after BA LLB 5 years?

Listed below are some of the popular courses after BA LLB :
  • LLM.
  • MA in Public Administration.
  • MA Political Science/Sociology/History.
  • MA Psychology.
  • MA Criminology.
  • MA Social Work.
  • MBA.
  • Masters of Business Law.

Can IAS be a singer?

With credentials like that, we're obviously surprised about a debut in playback singing and so we enquire, only to be readily indulged in the experience. “Dibakar (Banerjee) and I were in college together — Sriram College of Commerce in Delhi (replace it with Delhi University), and he knew that I loved singing.

Can an IAS study abroad?

If you are an IAS officer or any India Government service officer like IPS , IFS also you can go for higher study after getting your job. You have to apply Indian government for higher study in abroad or in India they will get you the permission.

Can a law student become IPS officer?

An IPS officer in service can get a degree of law. But the study mode will be different. An IPS officer in service can complete his or her LLB Hons degree from a recognised Open University. There are many open Universities available in India which offers LLB Hons degree.

What is the full form of Ballb?

BA LLB full form - Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) is a five-year undergraduate degree in the field of law which candidates can pursue right after completing the school education.

What are the benefits of BA LLB?

You can become a lawyer, judge, consultant etc and further evolve to keep pace with the ever-changing legal system. The legal profession has experienced a staggering growth in the recent times. If you take up BA LLB, you can experience a steady rise in the profits and revenues and a significant salary increase too.

Which degree is best for IAS after 12th arts?

Political Science Graduate

You can work as a Political Analyst, give UPSC IAS exams, join the Civil Services, or choose Indian Foreign Services. Apart from that, Political Journalism and teaching is also a smart career choice.

Which college is best for IAS?

which college is best for ias?
  • Lady Shri Ram College of Women, New Delhi.
  • Fergusson College , pune.
  • St. Xavier's College, Kolkata.
  • Loyola College, Chennai.
  • Dayal Singh College, New Delhi.
  • Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, New Delhi.
  • The Women's Christian College, Chennai.

How should I start my IAS after 10th?

After 10th,you have to take any group in class 11. After Intermediate,you have to complete your graduation (Any degree). After 3-4 years of degree,you have to take coaching for an IAS for 1 year. After coaching,You have to write an exams (I.e.prelims,mains).