Is Queen Mary LLM good?

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Apart from the great experiece, it was a very good LLM, especially the courses related to competition law. Moreover, the professors are very co-operative and the uni offers great carrier prospects and lot of interships.

Is law at Queen Mary Good?

It's an excellent option for students pursuing a legal career or with a general interest in law. In your first year you'll study the core principles of law and learn the skills you need to read and apply legal documents, such as Acts of Parliament, EU legislation and case reports.

Is Queen Mary university respected?

Established in 1887, Queen Mary University of London is a prestigious public university in London, UK. It is a part of the prominent Russell Group comprising 24 leading universities committed to high-impact research and teaching excellence.

Is Queen Mary or Warwick better?

Both universities have a good careers service and their law faculties both have strong connections to the industry due to their alumni and research arms (QM has strong links with Arbitration). Warwick, more prestigious, and its a full target for IBs, consultancy firms etc. QMUL isn't even a Semi target.

Is it hard to get into Queen Mary university Masters?

QMUL is the highest ranked Uni out of all of those that you've applied to. It's much harder grade wise to get into for most subjects than any of the others.

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Is Queen Mary a top tier University?

Queen Mary University of London has climbed twelve places up the QS World University Rankings to confirm its position as one of the world's top universities. The University places 114th in the world and remains in the top 20 in the UK in the 2021 Rankings, published on Wednesday 10 June.

Is Durham better than Queen Mary?

- Durham seems to have a better reputation overall, though it was beaten in the Times list by 1 place by QM, which suggests that they're both relatively good / equal. - Durham is collegiate and it has its own old university-town feel, QM is diverse, culturally rich and otherwise more modern.

Is Queen Mary part of Russell Group?

Russell Group institution

Queen Mary is one of 24 leading UK universities represented by the Russell Group, that are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience, excellent graduate employability and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.

Is Queen Mary better than Manchester?

Queen Mary is only really good for law and the fact its a `London uni`. Manchester is respected all around and has a better night life. QM doesn't have many clubs at all they mostly rely on clubs in London, which aren't really linked with the uni anyone can go to them.

Is Queen Mary an elite university?

World-class education

Queen Mary is one of the 24 prestigious Russell Group universities and is recognised each year as one of the top universities in the UK and across the world. We are currently 13th in the UK, and 110th in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

Is Queen Mary university Ivy League?

Student profiles and Alumni ambassadors

An added bonus was the fact that Queen Mary is a member of the Russell Group, an organization of 24 leading UK universities akin to the American “Ivy League” university grouping.

What is Queen Mary university best known for?

Queen Mary has the world's largest academic health science centre, and is well known for medical teaching and research at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. The Medical School at Queen Mary includes special departments in cardiology, infectious diseases, surgery and dentistry.

Which uni is best for law Uk?

2. Best law schools in the UK - TopUniversities Subject Ranking 2021
  • University of Oxford.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • University College London (UCL)
  • King's College London.
  • University of Edinburgh.
  • Queen Mary University of London.
  • Durham University.

Is law an employable degree?

75% of graduates with this versatile degree are in full-time employment within six months of graduation. Students with law degrees are quickly snapped up with an employment rate of 74% within six months of graduation.

Is a Russell Group degree better?

The assumption (and it is just an assumption!) of many is that Russell Group Universities are better; They're more prestigious, student results are higher on average, and job prospects are stronger. In this sense, it's like the UK's version of the Ivy League, the most prestigious colleges in the US.

What are the top 3 Russell Group universities?

The Russell Group was created in 1994, and by 2020, four of the top 10 universities in the QS World University Rankings, i.e. Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and UCL were made the Russell Group members.

Is Durham LLM good?

Durham's law school is top of the line with its high employability rate. The societies are also there to help build your career in law.

Which University has the happiest students UK?

Our student reviews' ratings for St Andrews are the highest in the UK and therefore, it tops our ranking of the happiest universities.

Is Durham more prestigious than Warwick?

Purely on practicalities Warwick is more central so easier to get to other places - job interviews for when the time comes etc. Warwick is more highly regarded for economics than Durham (although both very good universities) from league tables.

What famous people went to Queen Mary University?

  • Bernard Butler – British musician, former guitarist of Suede.
  • Bruce Dickinson – British singer of Iron Maiden.
  • Pete Doherty – British musician, writer, actor, poet and artist.
  • Jay Sean – British singer.
  • Shakka – British singer.
  • Roger Taylor – British drummer of the band Queen.

What is the lowest ranked University in the UK?

The University of Bedfordshire has been ranked the worst in the UK by the Complete University Guide. In the 2022 rankings, Beds Uni was ranked 130th out of 130 UK universities - a drop by seven places from the previous year.

Is Queen Mary university safe?

At Queen Mary we take your personal safety very seriously, with our campus Security Service working round the clock. Most of the crime that does happen on campus is 'petty crime' (stolen wallets/ bicycles etc). All you need is common sense: 80 per cent of crime is opportunistic, and can often be avoided.