What do you call a group of lawyers?

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an eloquence of lawyers. a drunkenship of cobblers. a proud showing of tailors. a skulk of thieves.

What we call a group of lawyers?

a group of lawyers is called an eloquence of lawyers, argument of lawyers and disputation of lawyer .etc.

What is a group of barristers called?

Chambers – a group of barristers in independent practice who have joined together to share the costs of practising. Chambers is also the name used for a judge's private office.

What is a chamber lawyer?

chambers, in law, the private offices of a judge or a judicial officer where he hears motions, signs papers, and deals with other official matters when not in a session of court. ... Barristers' offices in an Inn of Court are also known as chambers.

What do you call a group of employees?

team. noun. a group of people who work together: can be followed by a singular or plural verb.

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What is group of experts called?

The collective noun for experts is panel.

What is a word for a large group?

Crowd, multitude, swarm, throng refer to large numbers of people.

What can you call a group of colleagues?

  • accomplice,
  • ally,
  • cohort,
  • collaborator,
  • confederate,
  • copartner,
  • half,
  • partner.

Is a barrister a lawyer?

The term lawyer is a generic term used to describe anyone who is a Licensed Legal Practitioner qualified to give legal advice in one or more areas of law. Put simply, solicitors and barristers are both types of lawyer.

Do barristers have law firms?

Barristers, however, are not always self-employed. Some barristers are employed 'in-house' at law firms and large commercial organisations (such as the Government Legal Service), which takes away the uncertainty associated with being self-employed and brings with it regular income and benefits.

What is the cab rank rule for barristers?

The cab rank rule means a barrister must take a case that is within their knowledge and expertise provided they are free to do so, no matter how unpalatable the case. ... The independent report uncovered a body of evidence that showed the rule protects the interests of the consumer, not the barrister.