What is Detinue law?

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Definition of detinue
1 : a common-law action for the recovery of a personal chattel wrongfully detained or of its value. 2 : detention of something due especially : the unlawful detention of a personal chattel from another.

What does warrant in detinue mean?

What is a Warrant in Detinue? In Virginia, this is a procedure where one party may recover possession of unlawfully withheld personal property by another party.

What is the difference between detinue and replevin?

The main differences are: Replevin allows police to seize property and return it to the creditor and is more generally used when a defendant wrongfully took a property. Detinue orders the defendant to surrender the property to the creditor because they are wrongfully withholding it.

What does replevin mean in law?

1. An action seeking return of personal property wrongfully taken or held by the defendant. Rules on replevin actions vary by jurisdiction.

What is a writ of detinue?

What is WRIT OF DETINUE. A writ which lies where a party claims the specific recovery ofgoods and chattels, or deeds and writings, detained from him. This is seldom used;trover is the more frequent remedy, In cases where it may be brought.


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Is detinue a crime?

In 1315, an action in detinue was allowed for "breaking the bulk". Later, in 1473, breaking the bulk was determined to be a felony, and not an action in pure detinue.

Who can sue for detinue?

Who can sue? The plaintiff must have a right to immediate possession at the time of the refusal that derives from some proprietary or possessory interest in the chattel. The interest in the property must also be a lawful interest.

What does in Detinue mean?

1 : a common-law action for the recovery of a personal chattel wrongfully detained or of its value. 2 : detention of something due especially : the unlawful detention of a personal chattel from another.

What is the remedy of replevin?

Replevin, also known as a claim and delivery, is a legal recourse that allows a person to obtain any personal property that was wrongfully claimed. The remedy is given before the court pronounces the final judgment and the wronged party is also compensated for any losses incurred due to the illegal act.

What are the remedies for to recover property?

A: There are three remedies available to one who has been dispossessed of property: (1) an action for ejectment to recover possession, whether for unlawful detainer or forcible entry; (2) accion publiciana or accion plenaria de posesion, or a plenary action to recover the right of possession; and (3) accion ...

What is detinue in law of tort?

The unlawful detention of chattel of another person who has a right of immediate possession to it. Refusal to return it upon demand by the owner who is in immediate possession of the property.

What is the difference between conversion and detinue?

Conversion is a single act where the cause of action accrues at the date of the conversion. Detinue, however, is a continuing cause of action. It accrues at the date of the wrongful refusal to deliver up goods and continues until delivery up of the goods, or judgment in an action for detinue.

Which of the following is the present use of detinue?

Detinue at the present day has two main uses. In the first place, the plaintiff may desire the specific restitution of his chattels and not damages for their conversion. He will then sue in detinue, not in trover.

Can I sue someone for not returning my money?

The lender can file a civil suit for recovering the money he owed through promissory note or loan agreement. He can do so under Order 37 of CPC which allows the lender to file a summary suit. He can file this suit in any high court, City Civil Court, Magistrate Court, Small Causes Court.

How do I file a Warrant in detinue VA?

To file this lawsuit, you must go to the General District Court Clerk's office. Ask for the proper court form. To sue for return of property, fill out a "Warrant in Detinue." Even though this court form is called a "warrant," it is not used in a criminal case. It is used in a civil (non-criminal) case.

What are the differences between tort of conversion and tort of detinue?

The modem tort of conversion is committed when there is an intentional dealing with goods which seriously is inconsis- tent with the possession of another person. ' Detinue on the oth, - hand, arises where there is an unlawful detention of the goods of one person by another.

What is the replevin case what is an indemnity agreement?

It should be noted that a replevin bond is intended to indemnify the defendant against any loss that he may suffer by reason of its being compelled to surrender the possession of the disputed property pending trial of the action.

What is the difference between conversion and replevin?

Replevin is one of a group of remedies for conversion, the wrongful taking or withholding of personal property. Its significant feature is the return of the item itself, not just its money value—useful in instances in which, for example, a family heirloom is taken (compare trover).

What does Assumpsit mean in law?

Definition of assumpsit

1 : an express or implied promise or contract not under seal on which an action may be brought. 2a : a former common-law action brought to recover damages alleged from the breach of an assumpsit. b : an action to recover damages for breach of a contract.

How is tort defined?

A tort is an act or omission that gives rise to injury or harm to another and amounts to a civil wrong for which courts impose liability.

What is conversion property law?

A conversion occurs when a person without authority or permission intentionally takes the personal property of another or deprives another of possession of personal property. It is a tort which allows the injured party to seek legal relief.

What is an example of false imprisonment?

Examples of false imprisonment may include: A person locking another person in a room without their permission. A person grabbing onto another person without their consent, and holding them so that they cannot leave.

What is the difference between trespass and conversion?

Trespass to chattel is a civil claim and an individual will not face criminal charges. Conversion, however, may result in criminal charges because an individual takes another individual's property for their own personal use, knowing that it does not belong to them, and they intend to keep it.

What is tort of nuisance?

So we can define the tort of nuisance as an act which gives rise to unlawful, unwarranted or unseasonable annoyance or discomfort to the plaintiff and which results in damage to the property of the plaintiff or interfere with his use and enjoyment of his land.

What can cause negligence?

The Elements Of Negligence
  • Duty. The plaintiff must show that the defendant owed her a legal duty of care under the circumstances. ...
  • Breach. This describes the situation when the defendant failed to meet their duty of care by acting or failing to act in the required way. ...
  • Causation. ...
  • Damages.