What is meant by prospectively?

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1 : relating to or effective in the future. 2a : likely to come about : expected the prospective benefits of this law. b : likely to be or become a prospective mother.

What does it mean to apply prospectively?

That which is applicable to the future; it is used in opposition to retrospective.

What does being a prospective mean?

Prospective is defined as likely or expected. An example of someone prospective is a potential new client; a prospective client. An example of someone prospective is a student looking at colleges; a prospective student. adjective. 2.

Is there such a word as prospectively?

Prospectively definition

Prospectively is defined as something in the future or to something likely or expected to occur. If you are seriously thinking about buying a house at some point in the future, this is an example of a time when you are prospectively buying the house.

What is meaning by LLB?

abbreviation for Bachelor of Laws: a degree in law, or a person who has this degree. Qualifications: university & college.


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Can LLB be done after 12th?

To enroll in integrated legal programs such as BA LLB, BBA LLB, BSc LLB, and BCom LLB, candidates must have passed Class 12. Candidates pursuing three-year LLB programs, on the other hand, must have completed a bachelor's degree in any discipline.

Which LLB course is best?

If you are certain that you want to make a career in law, then the 5-year LLB programme is the best option for you. This course will not only save one year of education as compared to 3-year LLB programmes but will also offer the same educational merit.

How do you use prospectively in a sentence?

(1) We prospectively followed up 50 patients with healed ulcers for one year. (2) Data are collected prospectively, using standardized surveillance components and nosocomial infection definitions. (3) I had a vision thus prospectively of these birds as I stood in the swamps.

What is the opposite of prospectively?

Antonyms: actual, existent. Definition: presently existing in fact and not merely potential or possible.

What is the best synonym for prospective?

  • eventual.
  • expected.
  • proposed.
  • soon-to-be.
  • about to be.
  • approaching.
  • awaited.
  • coming.

What is a prospective student?

Prospective students are students who might attend a school in the future. If you visit any college campus, you'll see prospective students checking out the library, the dorms, and athletic facilities. Prospective indicates that something is expected or likely to happen.

What type of word is prospective?

Adjective. Likely or expected to happen or become.

What is the difference between prospective and prospective?

One way to remember the difference between prospective versus perspective is to remember that pro- means “forward” and forward means “future.” Another way is to remember that perspective is usually used as a noun, while prospective is always used as an adjective (in terms like prospective students and prospective ...

What is prospectively in accounting?

Prospective application is the application of a new accounting policy to transactions after the date of the policy change, with recognition of the effect of changes in accounting estimates in the current and future periods.

Who is a prospective client?

A prospective customer, or prospect, is a person or organization interested in making a purchase, with financial resources required, and the power to make purchasing decisions.

What is a prospective employee?

Prospective employee means a person who has made application, whether written or oral, to an employer to become an employee.

Is Lousy a formal word?

Informal. mean or contemptible: That was a lousy thing to do. wretchedly bad; miserable: a lousy job; I feel lousy.

What is prospective effect?

Prospective is simply taking effect or applicability hence forth, whereas the Retrospective is past as well, therefore retrospective has got lot of dependencies and effects the rights or may deprive as well or create liability which was already relaxed or exempted.

What does Prospective mean in law?

PROSPECTIVE Definition & Legal Meaning

Looking forward; contemplating the future. A law is said to be prospective (as opposed to retrospective) when it is applicable only to cases which shall arise after its enactment.

What is the meaning of prospective father?

prospective parent means any person regardless of gender or sexual orientation, who has attained the age of. Sample 1.

How do you use the word quorum?

Quorum in a Sentence ?
  1. When Congress met to discuss the issue at hand, they realized that they would postpone the session until a quorum was met.
  2. Too many absences due to summer vacations caused the meeting to cancel since a quorum was not formed.

Is law 3 years or 5 years?

A three-year LLB degree program provides students with a bachelor's degree in the core subjects of law. In contrast, a five-year LLB is a law degree offered along with a bachelor's degree from arts, humanities, commerce, science, or engineering program.

Is LLB degree difficult?

Q: Is studying LLB difficult? A: LLB, whether three year or five year, is not a very difficult course to pursue as compared to other professional courses such as BTech and MBBS.