What is the remedy for negligent misstatement?

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Liability for negligent misstatement can be disclaimed if the statement is accompanied by a form of words which makes the intention to disclaim clear.

What is the main remedy for negligence?

The principal remedy in any case involving negligence will be an award of damages. The damage caused to the claimant must be of a type that is 'reasonably foreseeable'. A loss is reasonably foreseeable if a reasonable man would have foreseen the type of injury, loss or damage.

What are the remedies for negligent misrepresentation?

The remedies for misrepresentation are rescission and/or damages. For fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, the claimant may claim rescission and damages.

How do I claim for negligent misstatement?

To bring a claim for negligence in this context, a claimant must establish that:
  1. The defendant owed a duty of care;
  2. The defendant breached that duty of care; and.
  3. The breach caused the claimant harm.

Can you sue for negligent misstatement?

A negligent misstatement claim is brought at common law in tort. ... Generally, an action for any form of misrepresentation is between contracting parties, whereas an action for negligent misstatement may be invoked whether or not a contractual relationship exists.


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Can you claim for pure economic loss?

Common categories of pure economic loss are expenditure, loss of profit, profitability or loss of some other form of financial gain. ... From previous readings, economic loss is recoverable using the law of contract, and unless contractual terms or agreements have been breached, there cannot be a claim for loss.

What must a claimant prove to succeed in a claim for negligent misstatement?

A negligent misstatement is a claim which is brought by one party against another at common law in tort. ... In order for a claim for negligent misstatement to succeed the Claimant must be able to show to the court that on a balance of probabilities the Defendant owed them a duty of care.

What is negligent misstatement NZ?

Negligent misstatement generally refers to situations where there is a false statement by a person who owes a duty of care to another. ... Further, the reliance on this false statement causes the latter person financial loss.

What is the test for negligent misrepresentation?

the representor must have acted negligently in making the misrepresentation; the representee must have relied, in a reasonable manner, on the misrepresentation; and. the reliance must have been detrimental to the representee in the sense that damages resulted.

What are the elements of negligent misstatement?

3 Elements: (Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd) 1. A duty of care when providing the information; 2. Breach of the standard of care; and 3. Loss or damage caused by reliance on the misrepresentation.

What are the five remedies for breach of contract?

Remedies for Breach of Contract
  • 1] Recession of Contract. When one of the parties to a contract does not fulfil his obligations, then the other party can rescind the contract and refuse the performance of his obligations. ...
  • 2] Sue for Damages. ...
  • 3] Sue for Specific Performance. ...
  • 4] Injunction. ...
  • 5] Quantum Meruit.

How are damages assessed for misrepresentation?

The Court of Appeal held that, as a general principle, the proper approach for calculating damages for fraudulent misrepresentation should be to (1) ascertain the actual value of the assets bought at the relevant date and (2) deduct that figure from the price paid.

What are tort remedies?

Legal Remedies for Torts: Also known as “damages”, these are monetary payments made by the defendant for the purpose of compensating the victim for their injuries, losses, and pain/suffering.

What are the 3 remedies at law?

Monetary awards (called “damages”), specific performance, and restitution are the three principle remedies.

What is the meaning of remedy in law?

Meaning of legal remedy in English

a way of using the legal system to make sure that someone's rights are not taken away from them: We will pursue all legal remedies available to enforce our rights.

How do you prove false representation?

To prove fraudulent misrepresentation has occurred, six conditions must be met:
  1. A representation was made. ...
  2. The claim was false. ...
  3. The claim was known to be false. ...
  4. The plaintiff relied on the information. ...
  5. Made with the intention of influencing the plaintiff. ...
  6. The plaintiff suffered a material loss.

Does negligent misrepresentation void a contract?

This is a violation of the concept of "reasonable care" that a party must undertake before entering an agreement. The remedy for negligent misrepresentation is contract rescission and possibly damages. ... The injured party can seek to void the contract and to recover damages from the defendant.

Is negligent misrepresentation illegal?

Negligent misrepresentation occurs when someone makes a statement without regard to the true facts. ... This form of misrepresentation is one of the three legally recognized types of misrepresentation under contract law.

What is the remedy that is available for innocent misrepresentation?

If a misrepresentation is relied upon in entering a contract, a person can: seek to rescind (cancel) the contract; or. sue for damages to compensate for any loss.

What are the ingredients of an actionable misrepresentation?

The key elements of an actionable misrepresentation are:
  • the statement relied on by the representee was a statement of fact made to them by or on behalf of the representor.
  • the statement was intended by the representor to induce the representee to enter into the contract.

Is silence a misrepresentation?

SILENCE. Generally, silence is not a misrepresentation. The effect of the maxim “caveat emptor” is that the other party has no duty to disclose problems voluntarily. Thus if one party is labouring under a misapprehension there is no duty on the other party to correct it.

What Defences are available under negligent misstatement?

Negligent misstatement—defences and remedies
  • Misrepresentations—excluding and limiting liability for them.
  • Contractual estoppel.
  • Contractual estoppel—the authorities.

What is negligent misstatement tort?

Negligent misstatement relates to a representation of fact, which is carelessly made, and is relied on by another party to their disadvantage. For some time it has been possible to claim for economic loss arising out of a negligent misstatement where no contractual or fiduciary relationship exists between the parties.

What is negligent misstatement as per law of tort?

Deceit– a tort arising from an untrue or false statement of facts which are made by a person, recklessly or knowingly, with an intention that it shall be acted upon by the other person, who would suffer damages as a result. In other words, it is the practice or action of deceiving someone by misrepresenting the truth.

What types of loss are recoverable from a successful claim of negligence?

Against this background, we set out below common categories of loss and damage that have been awarded by the courts in claims for compensation for professional negligence.
  • Compensation for loss of chance. ...
  • Compensation for diminution in value. ...
  • Compensation for wasted expenditure. ...
  • Compensation for additional legal costs.