Which subject is best for lawyer in class 11?

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Subjects for pursuing law, Of course students should go with arts its very good to choose arts for law do not go with these hectic sub like science and commerce go with arts its really beneficial for doing law and can get very good marks in law do not think like you are taking arts and its really easy to do arts you ...

Which subject is best for lawyer?

Here are the most useful high school subjects for future lawyers:
  • English. ...
  • Public speaking. ...
  • Social studies. ...
  • Science. ...
  • Mathematics. ...
  • Statistics and data science. ...
  • American history and government. ...
  • Communication.

Which subject is most important for law students?

Even the most independent organ of the country, the judiciary, is bound by the constitution. And this makes the constitution the most important subject for the students of law. The relevance of constitution can be gauged from the fact that it is taught not only to law students but also to secondary school students.

What subjects are needed for grade 11 lawyer in India?

Law Subjects in Class 11th
  • Legal Studies.
  • Political Science.
  • Psychology.
  • Economics.
  • Mathematics.

Which stream is best for lawyer?

If you want to become an advocate, you can choose either arts or commerce as your stream. However, arts would be a better stream, as it is relatively easier than commerce because of absence of maths. Also arts is very scoring.

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Is law a subject in class 11?

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has decided to offer legal studies as an elective subject from the coming academic session for students of class XI and XII.

Do lawyers need math?

Private practice lawyers must understand math well enough to run a business. They also need to be able to track and account for funds deposited into their clients' trust fund accounts. Lawyers should be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide to calculate damages, prejudgment interest, and the time value of money.

Which group is best after 10th for lawyer?

If you are desired to have your career in law then arts is the perfect option after 10th. along with your board exam you should prepare for CLAT and other entrance exams related to this..
  • BA LLB.
  • BSc LLB.
  • BBA LLB.
  • BSW LLB.
  • And LLM course in all the above streams.

Which stream is best after 10th for lawyer?

If your aim is to become a Lawyer then you can opt for either Arts or commerce stream in 11th and 12th as per your interests.

Which subject is important for law in class 11?

You can take science or any subject and you will be eligible to pursue a course in Law. If you take science you can keep your options open in case you change your mind about law after 12th. But if you have no second thoughts about a career in law taking humanities is more in line with the course contents of BA LLB.

Which subject is best for judge in Class 11?

To become a judge first of all you will have to be a graduate in law. The students from any stream can take up the law course. So you can choose Arts also in 11th. After completing graduation in law you have to give judicial service examination which are conducted by the state government .

What are the 4 subjects of law?

They are as follows:
  • Criminal Law.
  • Law of Torts.
  • The Law of Contract.
  • Land Law (Property Law)
  • Equity and Trusts.
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law.
  • EU Law.

Can I study law after 12?

Law is regarded as one of the most prestigious degree courses after the 12th. In India, students can take up the legal degree once they've completed a graduation degree (UG) in almost any discipline. Also, aspirants can pursue law courses after 12th arts, commerce and science as well.

How can I become a good lawyer?

Here are a few basic keys to becoming a successful attorney.
  1. Establish a Professional and Personal Network. ...
  2. Develop Good Communication Skills. ...
  3. Maintain Your Integrity at all Times. ...
  4. Be Innovative. ...
  5. Be Persistent. ...
  6. Attitude is Everything. ...
  7. Accept Failure.

What should I do after 12th to become a lawyer?

Step-By-Step Guide to Pursue Law After Studying Science in 12th
  1. Step 1- Apply for a Law Entrance Exam. ...
  2. Step 2 - Choose the Right Law Course after 12th Science. ...
  3. Step 3 - Choose the Right Law College to Study Law. ...
  4. Step 4 - Go for Further Studies or Enrol in the State Bar Council.

What should I study in 11th and 12th to become a lawyer?

Subjects for pursuing law, Of course students should go with arts its very good to choose arts for law do not go with these hectic sub like science and commerce go with arts its really beneficial for doing law and can get very good marks in law do not think like you are taking arts and its really easy to do arts you ...

Is commerce Good for law?

Legal professionals with a commerce background are likely to achieve early success in banking and other finance-related services. Besides, other areas such as judicial services, courtroom practice, research, in-house counsels in multi-national companies are also equally open for law graduates with commerce.

Is lawyer a good career?

High earning potential as lawyers are among the top-paid professionals in the country. Lawyers enjoy a lot of prestige and power ultimately leading to respect and success. They get the opportunity to help others and work towards equality in all respects while abiding by the law.

What is a lawyer salary in India?

Lawyer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.5 Lakhs.

Which stream is best for class 11?


Commerce with Mathematics tends to be a popular choice among students interested in careers in Finance, Accounting, Investment Banking and Entrepreneurship among others. Students who choose Commerce cannot choose Science Stream for undergraduate studies in India.

What is LLB full form?

B. "LL. B." stands for Legum Baccalaureus in Latin. The "LL." of the abbreviation for the degree is from the genitive plural legum ("of laws").

Is becoming a lawyer hard?

Becoming a lawyer in California is one of the most difficult, and most rewarding, career choices you can make. California is notoriously one of the most difficult bars to obtain membership in, and the steps necessary to do so include earning multiple college degrees, taking entrance examinations, and submitting ...

Do lawyers lie?

In California, the Rules of Professional Conduct govern a lawyer's ethical duties. The law prohibits lawyers from engaging in dishonesty.

How many years do you study law?

Before law school, students must complete a Bachelor's degree in any subject (law isn't an undergraduate degree), which takes four years. Then, students complete their Juris Doctor (JD) degree over the next three years. In total, law students in the United States are in school for at least seven years.

Should I take legal studies in 11th?

Yes definitely,This is coming from personal experience. If you put in time and get the concepts right then you will do amazing in your schools exams and for people with the idea of pursuing law for higher education.