Why does the February bar exam have a lower pass rate?

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February bar exam pass rates are typically lower than their July counterparts because it draws a higher percentage of people who have already taken the test at least once and failed.

Is the February bar exam harder reddit?

February is not necessarily harder. My theory is that Feb pass rates tend to be lower for these main reasons: Most law graduates traditionally take the bar exam for the first time in July. This group naturally includes more students from schools with high pass rates.

Why is the bar exam pass rate so low?

In comparison to other states, California has a large number of applicants. The fact that California's population of exam takers is so large contributes to the overall lower pass rate the state is regularly pumping out. To put this into perspective, in 2017 California had 12,985 applicants who sat for the exam.

Should I take the July or February bar?

Constitutional Law tends to be tested more in February and Corporations tends to be tested more in July. (You can see other differences here.) However, this is not a reason to take the Uniform Bar Exam in February or July. Indeed, the bar examiners can test whatever they want and whenever they want to test it!

What is the average MBE score for February 2023?

According to the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the mean scaled score on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) for February 2023 across the nation was 131.1, representing a decline of 1.5 points from the February 2022 score of 132.6.

February Bar Exam - Advantages and Disadvantages

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Is 60% on the MBE good?

If you are answering about 60-66% correct on the MBE, you are likely in the “safe zone.” A higher score than that is, of course, even better! If you are scoring lower than that, see below for tips. But also, make sure that you work on the written portion of the exam.

Is 155 a good MBE score?

Your percentile for the MBE Score is as follows:

A 160 is about 90th percentile. A 155 is about 82nd percentile. A 150 is about 72nd percentile. A 145 is about 62nd percentile.

Is the February bar harder to pass?

The bulk of the subjects tested on the bar exam are taught in that first year. February bar exam pass rates are typically lower than their July counterparts because it draws a higher percentage of people who have already taken the test at least once and failed.

Is the February bar more difficult?

You may think I'm being facetious, but truly there's no difference between the February bar exam and the July bar exam, other than the fact that they are held in different months. The myth comes from the fact that the July bar exam has a higher passage rate than the February bar exam.

Why do repeaters fail the bar exam?

Repeat takers that fail the bar exam often do so because they don't undergo any meaningful reflection or make necessary adjustments from exam to exam. Instead of repeating mistakes, put yourself on the path to success with these three tips for passing the bar exam on your next attempt.

What state has the hardest bar to pass?

California is widely considered to have the hardest bar exam, due to its low pass rate and the difficulty of the content and constraints of the exam.

How many times do most people fail the bar exam?

The vast majority of law school graduates, 85 percent, take the bar exam once, according to a study by the National Conference of Bar Examiners that looked at data over five years. About 9 percent took the test twice. Less than 1 percent took the exam more than five times. A few refused to give up.

What is the hardest US bar exam?

While Delaware has a higher cut score than California, California's bar exam is arguably the hardest in the country because more students take and fail the test.

Is February bar harder than July?

In reality, the February bar exam is no harder than the July bar exam, despite the lower pass rates. So, let's explore what factors combine to create the notion that the February bar exam is the more difficult one.

Is it easier to pass the bar the second time?

If you are on your second time taking the exam, you are more likely to pass than if you are on your ninth try (though we did just have a ninth-time taker pass so it is definitely possible!). The numbers given by the NCBE do not distinguish between second time takers and other repeat takers.

How common is it to fail bar exam?

Wondering how test-takers are doing as a whole? According to the most recent data released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE®), in 2021, of the 64,833 total persons taking the bar exam, 39,873 passed, which is an overall pass rate of 60% (down 1%from the previous year).

Which is the easiest bar to pass?

Based on the passage rate, Oklahoma is the most accessible bar to pass. However, using test scores, Alabama, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, and North Dakota are neck and neck on the UBE easy scale.

Do most people fail the bar the first time?

(Reuters) - Just over 78% of U.S. law school graduates who took the bar exam for the first time in 2022 passed the mandatory licensing test, the American Bar Association said Friday.

What is the easiest bar exam to pass in the US?

Statistically speaking, Oklahoma has one of the easiest bar exams based on first-time passing rates. Nearly 87% of first-time exam takers pass the Oklahoma state bar exam. In comparison, California has a much lower first-time passing rate at 58.1%.

What is the hardest subject on the bar?

Nevertheless, many future attorneys who have taken or are currently preparing for the bar exam seem to agree that the following three subjects are the most challenging:
  1. Real Property. ...
  2. Contracts. ...
  3. Civil Procedure.

What state has the lowest bar passing score?

Alabama, Missouri, Minnesota, New Mexico, and North Dakota all have the lowest minimum passing score for the Uniform Bar Exam, at 260. While these states enjoy the lowest grade to pass, it does not reflect their difficulty or challenges. The state with the highest number of passing lawyers was South Dakota, as of 2021.

Is the MBE curved nationally?

To determine what score you need on your MBE portion, provided you are in a UBE state, take the overall score needed to pass and divide it by two. In most states, anywhere between 130 and 140 should be a passing score on the MBE. Keep in mind that the MBE is curved.

Is Barbri harder than the bar?

The Barbri invented questions are harder than the real MBE questions. (Real MBE questions are still difficult though.) The Barbri MBE compares you to how others score on the Barbri simulated MBE.

What is the average MBE score?

The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE®) developed a statistical technique to ensure a scaled score on one examination is equivalent to a score on any other examination). You must shoot for a scaled score of 140 to 145 (which is the average score). A scaled score of 150 or higher is recommended.