Can I join the Air Force with children?

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Single, divorced or separated parents or those in common law marriages with legal, physical custody of up to three children under the age of 18 and/or incapable of self care may enlist provided you are otherwise qualified, but a waiver will be required to permit you to enlist.

Can I join the Air Force if I have 4 kids?

The changes modified dependency and pregnancy policies for Airmen entering the Air Force, enabling Airmen with up to three children to enlist with a waiver and standardizing pregnancy policies across the accessioning sources.

Can you join the military with dependents?

If a candidate has children (dependents), can he or she enlist? DoD generally prohibits the enlistment of any applicant who has more than two dependents under the age of 18. While the Services are allowed to waive this policy, they often will not.

Is the Air Force good for family life?

Being an Airman means upholding our mission, but it also means getting a one-of-a-kind experience and finding an excellent work-life balance. You'll find that being in the Air Force provides you with the camaraderie, comforts and facilities you need to raise your family and enjoy life out of uniform.

Can you have a baby while in the Air Force?

It's the second update of the policy in five years, as the service looks to be more diverse and inclusive. In 2017, the Air Force gave new mothers up to 12 months after having a baby to request separation from active duty. Previously, pregnant women had the option to leave the service only before giving birth.

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When can your family move with you in the Air Force?

It can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks before your Airman/Guardian “phases up” and is able to live with you off base. This is also something you want to discuss with your spouse.

Can Air Force deploy both parents?

Military members who are single parents and dual-military couples may need to ask family and friends to be guardians or take on dual custody of their children if both parents are deployed at the same time.

Can I join the military with a kid?

Tip. A single mother can join the Army only if her child is in the custody of another parent or adult. However, she cannot give up custody with the express intention of becoming a service member.

Which branch of the military is the most family friendly?

The Air Force has the reputation of having the best quality of life programs (dormitories, family housing, on-base shopping and services, and recreation) of all the military service branches.

How long will I be away from my family in the Air Force?

The length of an Air Force deployment ranges from four to 12 months depending on an Airman's specific job, location and mission requirements. While deployments are an opportunity for your child to represent our country overseas, we understand it's difficult to see a loved one go so far away.

Can I join the Air Force as a single mom?

Single, divorced or separated parents or those in common law marriages with legal, physical custody of up to three children under the age of 18 and/or incapable of self care may enlist provided you are otherwise qualified, but a waiver will be required to permit you to enlist.

Can I join the Navy with 4 kids?

For an Active Duty married non-Prior Service applicant, the maximum is now three dependents; previously, four was the most one could have with an approved waiver.

Can a single mom go into the military?

Single parents are not allowed to enlist in the active-duty military. Except for the Reserve components of the military and Army National Guard, waiver approvals are rare, and most recruiters won't even submit one.

Can I join the military with 5 kids?

You may be able to join the Army National Guard with four dependents, but you often have to seek a waiver and your options will be more limited. The standard limit is two or fewer dependents in addition to a spouse. If you are single, you typically can't have dependents or pay child support for two or more dependents.

What disqualifies you from joining the Air Force?

Criminal Record

The Air Force is strict about criminal records. Even an excessive number of traffic-related law violations within a 365-day period could disqualify your eligibility, but you should discuss any concerns with your recruiter.

What is Air Force life like?

Life in the Air Force requires hard work, but also allows time for your own pursuits. Typically, you can expect an eight-hour workday, leaving plenty of time to relax, recharge and do other things you enjoy once you change out of uniform. Airmen get 30 days vacation with pay each year to use at their discretion.

Is it hard to get in the Air Force?

How hard it is to get into the Air Force Academy? Many places you'll see admission stats claiming that USAFA has around a 10% admission rate. This is true if you include the thousands of students who inquire about admission. In reality, the offers of admission for QUALIFIED applicants range from 50-60%.

Is the Air Force the safest branch?

Today's article will look at “safety” in terms of man-to-man combat and machine-to-machine accidents and give you this answer: THE SPACE FORCE is the safest military branch.

Is it hard to have a family in the military?

Military life can be very stressful on families. Long separations, frequent moves, inconsistent training schedules, late nights in the office and the toll of mental and physical injuries on both the service member and the family can all add up over time.

Can a single parent be deployed?

Thousands do duty

Although the Army does not allow single parents to enlist, there are 37,000 single parents on active duty. According to the Army, 8,300 single parents are currently deployed. About 1,800 are single mothers. Legal experts said the Army tends to accommodate family needs, to a point.

What happens if you get pregnant in the Air Force?

AirForce & Space Force

The birth parent receives six weeks of Maternity Convalescent Leave and another six weeks of Primary Caregiver Leave. The secondary caregiver receives three weeks of leave. Pregnant service members are allowed to perform all duties so long as they are medically able.

What benefits do you get after 4 years in the Air Force?

After you complete your initial four-year service obligation, you can qualify for a retention program that allows the service to pay you up to $60,000 if you stay with the Air Force. Sign up for another two years after your initial four-year commitment and you receive $20,000.

How often do Air Force members come home?

Airman earn 2.5 days of leave each month for a total of 30 paid leave days per year. Leave not taken in a year is carried over into the next fiscal year but only a maximum of 75 leave days is allowed to be on the books. There are many opportunities for Airman to take leave throughout their career in the Air Force.

Can you live off base in the Air Force?

Air Force policy allows E-4s and above who are single with 3+ years of service to reside off-base at government expense. Navy policy allows E-5 and above and E-4s with more than four years of service who are still single to reside off base and receive a housing allowance.