Is it possible to study law in another country?

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Whether you dream of going to law school and becoming a lawyer or just have a general interest in the field of law, studying law overseas provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about the legal system of another country firsthand.

Can I get a law degree in another country?

Law students who received their first degree in law from a law school outside the U.S. must establish their eligibility to take the California Bar Examination by showing that their degrees are equivalent to a Juris Doctor (JD) degree awarded by an American Bar Association (ABA)-approved or California-accredited law ...

Can an Indian study law in other countries?

The duration of studying law abroad is less than pursuing law in India. The student will have the option of practicing law in any country or especially in that country where he/she is studying Law. With a chance to pursue Law abroad, students receive international exposure that will help the student bag good jobs.

Which country is best for law course?

Best Universities to Study Law
  • New York University, United States.
  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • UCL, United Kingdom.
  • Harvard University, United States.
  • The National University of Singapore. Singapore.
  • Yale University, United States.
  • KU Leuven, Belgium.

Can I study international law abroad?

To embark on a successful career in international law, you need to understand how legal systems vary from country to country; that's why studying abroad is a vital educational experience.


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Which foreign university is best for law?

Here are the Best International Law Programs
  • Columbia University.
  • Harvard University.
  • Yale University.
  • American University (Washington)
  • Georgetown University.
  • George Washington University.
  • University of California, Berkeley.
  • University of Chicago.

Which countries accept Indian LLB degree?

Recently, Canada has recognised the three-year Indian law degree for higher studies. To practice law with a degree from an Indian law school, you must either pass an exam or enroll in a law course in most countries. Also, career opportunities are limited for lawyers with an Indian Bachelor's degree in law.

Which country is best for Indian law graduates?

UAE is a land full of opportunities for lawyers, especially for the legal professionals. The country has two legal and court systems – Civil courts and Sharia courts. A lawyer in the UAE is considered an advocate or legal consultant.

Can I go abroad after doing LLB in India?

After pursuing LLB in India, you can definitely plan to work abroad. However, you'll be required to write a test held by the respective Bar Council of that country. Indian students quite enjoy working in the UK wherein they receive attractive salary packages.

Is studying law difficult in India?

Lengthy and rigorous education: In India, students must complete either a three-year LLB program or a five-year integrated legal curriculum, which can be demanding and time-consuming. Limited practical training: It might be difficult for students to get practical experience before entering the workforce.

Is Indian LLB valid in the UK?

India and the SQE

Thus, those with a Law Degree from India, as well as current students in India can still practise in the UK. However, you'll still need to sit the SQE to practise in England and Wales.

Is UK and Indian law same?

Indian law follows principles of English law in most areas of law, but the law of trusts is a notable exception.

Can I study law in USA and practice in India?

For students who complete their LLB degrees from non-recognised universities: These students are required to apply directly to the Bar Council of India for registration. These applications are considered on a case-to case basis, and, upon approval, these students may be allowed to practice in India.

How do I get into international law?

Becoming an international lawyer requires formal education and licensure. Specifically, you need to earn a Juris Doctor degree, and it's recommended to earn a Master of Laws degree for specializing in international business. You're required to pass your state's bar exam to practice law legally.

Can a lawyer work in any country?

Practicing law in a host country depends on local regulations; many countries will not recognize U.S. bar admission. U.S. attorneys may only be able to practice U.S. law or work as an associate with a local attorney. In some countries, there may be no restrictions while in others you may not be able to practice at all.

Which law is more demand in India?

Criminal Lawyer

Therefore, having the choice to work on your terms makes it one of the most demanding and popular careers in the law firm. You are expected to exhibit strong investigative and interpersonal skills. So, if you're looking forward to becoming a criminal lawyer then you should definitely go for it.

Which law has more scope in India?

1) Civil Law

However, private companies have more scope. The remuneration of a civil lawyer is determined by his or her qualifications and experience. An experienced civil lawyer gets a higher income in the private sector than in the public sector.

Which language is best for LLB in India?

It is more advisable to study LLB in an English Medium as it will open more opportunities for you in future and English is the most common medium used in most colleges it'll be hard to find a college that offers LLB in Hindi medium. Either way, English medium is prefered. Hope this helps!

Does LLB have scope in India?

LLB is a professional degree of law catering to a legal profession. Both BA LLB and LLB graduates can become lawyers. Apart from being a lawyer there are plenty of industries available for LLB degree holders to work and some of them are Law firms, MNCs, Government Agencies, Judicial Bodies, Banks, Litigation, etc.

Is LLB in demand in India?

There is great scope for law graduates to join private firms across the country. They can choose to become the legal advisor and help the company with legal decisions. In case someone is looking for a well-paid job, they can also get an MBA for a successful career after LLB.

Is LLB only in India?

LLB is a 3-year bachelor of law degree offered by top-ranked universities in India and abroad. Candidates are only eligible for this law course only if they have a graduation degree. In India, the 3-year LLB is regulated by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

Is international law a good career in India?

The Job scopes for the graduates of LLM International Law are very much in abundance owing to the greater demand in international law consultancy and legal advisor for several businesses and corporates along with human rights and transportation sectors.

Which is the first international law university in India?

IIULER, on the other hand, is the first-of-its-kind and one-of-its-kind Institute of legal education, being the first international law school in the Country. The vision and mission of the Institution are very different from the traditional conceptions of a law school, including those of the National Law Schools.

How many international law colleges are there in India?

There are 59 colleges that offer International / International Trade Law in a full-time mode of study.