How do I attest power of attorney in India?

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The Power of Attorney to be attested by the Consulate should be typed on a plain paper or on a Stamp Paper from India. The Consulate does not provide any Stamp Paper nor is it empowered to attest documents drawn on a Stamp Paper. All Powers of Attorneys should carry signatures and addresses of 2 (two) witnesses.

How to attest Power of Attorney at Indian Consulate USA?

Indian nationals or OCI Card holders have to get their PoA first notarized before submission to the Consulate. Please also provide a photocopy of the notarized PoA. When applying in-person at the Consulate, applicant are required to submit PoA in duplicate i.e. in original along-with a photocopy.

Who can certify a Power of Attorney in India?

Registration Of Power-Of-Attorney

In India, where the Registration Act, 1908, is in force, the Power of Attorney should be authenticated by a Sub Registrar only, (Whenever a person signs the document and his attorney presents/ admits execution).

How can I send Power of Attorney from USA to India?

Steps for Creating a Power of Attorney
  1. STEP 1: Write the power of attorney on plain paper. Sign the power of attorney. ...
  3. STEP 4:FEES Pay the fee at the Consulate. ...
  4. STEP 5: Once your power of attorney is attested by the Indian Consulate/Embassy you can send it to India.

Is Power of Attorney notarized in USA valid in India?

Yes, such a Power of Attorney will be acceptable in India. However, it will depend on the state-to-state basis as each of the Indian states have a separate and distinct procedure. The general process is a specific Power of Attorney that will first have to be executed and attested by the Indian consulate in the USA.

How To - NRI Given Power of Attorney in India

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How can I notarize a US document in India?

Bring the document(s) to be notarized, an accepted payment method, and your passport or other government issued photo ID such as your driver's license. If the name on the document to be notarized does not match the name on your photo ID, you should also bring official proof of name change.

How to give power of attorney to someone in India from abroad?

Draft the Power of Attorney deed online or hire a lawyer in India to draft it for you. Get the deed attested by the Indian embassy or consulate in that country. Any Notary from there can also attest it. The person making the deed, the Grantor, should sign the deed in all pages.

Does power of attorney need to be notarized in India?

—The Court shall presume that every document purporting to be a power-of-attorney, and to have been executed before, and authenticated by, a Notary Public, or any Court, Judge, Magistrate, Indian Consul or Vice-Consul, or representative of the Central Government, was so executed and authenticated.”

Can Indian embassy make power of attorney?

POWER OF ATTORNEY (PoA) by an Indian National

Consular Officer on behalf of the Consulate performs the notarial act of certifying a deed, contract or other documents including Power of Attorney (PoA).

Can NRI register POA in India?

Can NRI create POA in India? Yes, an NRI can create the POA in the Sub-registrar's office and the legal document should be drafted on a non judicial stamp paper.

Should power of attorney be registered in India?

Even though it is not mandatory to register a power of attorney in India, it is advisable to get the POA registered in order to increase the authenticity of the document. Further, if a POA is executed in respect of an immovable property of more than INR 100 in value, then it must be necessarily registered.

How much does it cost for power of attorney in India?

Stamp Duty for Power of Attorney

500/- is only applicable for registration. In case the General Power of Attorney (GPA) is given to a person other than a close relative for consideration, then stamp duty is chargeable as per the market value of the property concerned or the consideration value, whichever is higher.

What is power of attorney certificate India?

Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that enables you to allot an individual or an organization to manage your affairs when you are unable to do so. The authentication of this document is obligatory if the concerned person has their assets abroad.

Who all can attest documents in India?

Only Gazetted Officers from Group A and Group B can attest to the documents. Attested is only valid if the stamp has an attesting officer and the department or organisation present. Verification of passport can only be attested by the Group A Gazetted Officer who is under the rank of Secretary/Dy. Director level.

How can I get attestation from Indian Embassy in India?

NOTE: The Embassy does not attest any certificate issued in India. Such attestations are done within India only through the process of apostille. The procedure of apostilling/legalising a document in India is explained at URL .

Where can I attest my documents in India?

The Ministry of External Affairs attests original documents//true copies of documents for use abroad.

Do you need witness for power of attorney in India?

Notarization: The power of attorney document must be notarized by a Notary Public. The notary will verify the identity of the principal and the attorney, and will then affix their seal and signature to the document. Witnessing: The power of attorney document must be signed by two witnesses.

How can I cancel power of attorney from USA to India?

How to cancel general power of attorney for NRI?
  1. To cancel the power of attorney you need to follow a legal process, verbal orders will not be sufficient.
  2. Draft a revocation deed on a stamp paper. ...
  3. After Drafting the revocation of POA visit the nearest Indian embassy in your current home country. (

How can I revoke power of attorney from USA to India?

Below is the procedure to revoke the General power of Attorney (GPA):
  1. Prepare the draft in word format. ( ...
  2. Print the draft in normal A4 size paper.
  3. Sign the “Revocation GPA” in front of notary or Indian consulate in your country (USA). ...
  4. Send the attested Revocation GPA to India through reputed shipping partner.

How long is the power of attorney valid in India?

Also note here that a PoA has to be registered at the Sub-Registrar's Office to get a legal validity. Another important thing to note here is that a PoA remains valid only till the life of the principal. Within their lifetime also, one can revoke the PoA.

Can you do power of attorney online India?

Let me tell you how to make general power of attorney online in India. Submit the power of attorney with the Sub-Registrar. Attach the supporting documents with the power of attorney. Attest the power of attorney before the Registrar.

Is notarized document legally binding in India?

Is a Notarized Document Legal in Court? A document that's notarized is a secure way to sign a contract, but the document will still be legally binding and upheld in court without being notarized. It's important to be careful how you word the document, as you'll need to include all essential terms.

How to get power of attorney to sell property in India from USA?

You will have to make a power of attorney in favor of a trusted individual who can do the sale on your behalf. To execute a valid POA, the document must be notarized by a local Notary Public, legalized by the relevant Indian Embassy/Consulate, and then registered in India with the local land registration authorities.

How do I give the power of attorney in India to someone to sell a common ancestral property to developers?

Firstly, an attorney from India must draft the POA, and the NRI and two witnesses should sign this agreement. The notarization of the document should be done in the presence of a Notary Public.

How much does notary charge for attestation in India?

Notarization Fee In India
  • INR 35/- if amount in the instrument does not exceed INR 10,000/-
  • INR 75/- if the amount is between INR 10,000/- and INR 25,000/-
  • INR 110/- if the amount of the instrument is between INR 25,000/- and INR 50,000/-
  • INR 150/- if the amount exceeds INR 50,000/-