How do I write a letter to the US consulate?

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Sample of letter of invitation addressed to the consular officer. My name is [Host's Name], residing at [Host's Address] and I am a United States citizen (or lawful permanent resident alien). I am requesting that you issue a tourist (B-2) visa to [Visitor's Name] who resides at [Visitor's Address].

How do you start a letter to a consulate?

Dear Honorable Consul: My name is (Last Name), (First Name) and I reside at (Your US Address).

How do I write a letter to the US embassy?

What Should the Letter Say?
  1. Name and contact information for the host.
  2. Host's immigration status (for example, “U.S. citizen”)
  3. Relationship between the host and the visa applicant.
  4. Visa applicant's full name and address.
  5. Purpose of the trip.
  6. Exact dates of the trip.
  7. Host's signature.

How do I write a letter to the consulate for a visa?

Generally, your visa letter will include the following details:
  1. The reason why you plan to visit the Country in question,
  2. The dates you plan to enter and exit the country (flight reservations),
  3. A detailed itinerary of what you plan to do in the country,
  4. Proof that you have the financial means to support yourself,

How do you write a formal email to a consulate?

  1. Writing a formal email to an embassy requires a professional and polite tone. ...
  2. Subject: [Purpose of email] - [Your name]
  3. Dear [Embassy's contact person or Consular],
  4. I hope this email finds you well. ...
  5. [Provide a brief background about yourself and your situation.

Top 3 Tips for Writing to US Embassies/Consulates Abroad

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How do you address a consulate in a letter?

'Consul General' is not used as an honorific in conversation or in writing. Address a consul general as 'Mr./Ms./Dr./etc. (Name)' – using the honorific to which he or she is personally entitled.

How do you address a consular in an email?

—-—-Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Surname): 'Counselor' is not used before the name as an honorific in writing. Include their (office) after their name for identification as pertinent.

How do I email the US Consulate for visa?

Please direct all routine visa inquiries to For non-routine or other urgent nonimmigrant visa inquiries, please email

Who should US visa letters be addressed to?

While writing, you can address the U.S. Consul General, the U.S. Embassy in the applicant's country, the U.S. Consular Officer, or the person visiting the country. You must also check that all the spellings, dates, and information is correct.

How do I sponsor someone to visit the US?

To sponsor a visitor, the supporter prepares Form I-134, Declaration of Financial Support. He or she must submit the I-134 declaration, a letter of invitation, and supporting documents as evidence of their financial ability to bear the expenses of the trip.

How do you address a US visa officer?

When your turn for the interview comes, enter the room with a smile, and greet the officer with a warm hello or hi. S/he may ask you 'how are you doing'. Reply politely and thank them for asking. If your visa is granted, thank them politely and leave.

Do visa invitation letters need to be notarized?

Almost always, visa offices require that letters of invitation be notarized by a Notary Public. For your convenience, please find below a free sample letter of invitation you can modify to suit your particular situation. Please note: A letter of invitation does not guarantee issuance of a visa.

How much bank balance is required for US tourist visa?

The US government mentions no specific minimum balance. However, it is essential to demonstrate sufficient funds. The fund will help you cover the expenses, including travel, accommodation, daily living costs, etc. Consider the duration of stay, planned activities, and personal circumstances while estimating the cost.

Can I write a letter to immigration officer?

Immigration officers may require a multi-society immigration letter, an employer recommendation letter, or a relationship support letter from you. An immigration letter should be written by a fellow writer ho is knowledgeable about writing this kind of correspondence.

How do you address a diplomat?

In direct conversation, address an ambassador as Mr. /Madam Ambassador or Ambassador Jones. His/her spouse should be referred to as Mr. /Mrs. Jones or Ms. Smith, if the spouse is a woman who kept her maiden name after marriage.

How do you write a letter?

These are the general rules you should follow to write a letter:
  1. Choose the right type of paper.
  2. Use the right formatting.
  3. Choose between block or indented form.
  4. Include addresses and the date.
  5. Include a salutation.
  6. Write the body of your letter.
  7. Include a complimentary close.
  8. List additional information.

Who do you address when writing a letter to the embassy?

If you are a citizen of the same country as the ambassador, you may address them as "The Honorable." However, if you are a citizen of a different country, you typically must call them "Her [or His] Excellency," following diplomatic custom. Make sure you have the correct gender – don't just assume based on the name.

What are letters of support for visa?

What is a support letter for a visa application? Support letters are a document written by a US citizen or permanent resident vouching for a visa applicant and their reasons for visiting the country. A support letter for a US visa application was introduced to simplify the process of obtaining this document.

What are letters of support for immigration?

The Main Contents of the Letter
  • Positive qualities: Be specific. ...
  • Emotional stability: It can be challenging to paint a picture of someone's emotional state. ...
  • Financial stability: Describe how your relative will be financially secure if allowed to immigrate.

Does the US Embassy respond to emails?

After your submission, the U.S. Embassy, or Consulate will respond to your request via email within 1-2 business days.

How do I contact a US consular officer?

Contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, or call:
  1. 1-888-407-4747 from the U.S. and Canada.
  2. +1 202-501-4444 from outside the United States.

Who is the contact person in DS 160?

Your US point of contact can be any individual in the US who knows you. If you do not know anyone in the US, you may enter the name of the company or organization you plan to visit during your trip. Contact person: You can provide last name and given name or enter “do not know.”

What do you call a consulate?

Consulate General: A diplomatic mission that provides a full range of services, including consular services. It can be located in any major city of the host country, usually other than the capital city. Consulate: A diplomatic mission that is similar to a consulate general.

What is the title for consular?

Consular rank

A consul of the highest rank is termed a consul-general and is appointed to a consulate-general. There is typically one or more deputy consuls-general, consuls, vice-consuls, and consular agents working under the consul-general. A country may appoint more than one consul-general to another nation.

How do I email the US consulate in Athens?

In case of emergency (DEATH, or SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION of a U.S. citizen), you may send an email to with subject line “EMERGENCY” + (brief description). Please note that this mailbox is monitored during working hours only.