How hard is it to be a JAG?

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The JAG application process is competitive, rigorous and highly selective. We evaluate each candidate using the "whole person" concept, which means we look at academic performance, extracurricular activities, community service, prior military record (if any) as well as work and leadership experience.

Is it hard to get into jag army?

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps of the five military branches is as competitive and demanding as any military career. Along with completing the educational and licensing requirements of the legal profession, you must also be able to meet the same standards as any prospective officer.

Is joining JAG worth it?

By becoming a JAG, you are guaranteed a career that has rotating assignments by location and practice area, exposing you to the world and the law in ways you could have never imagined. It provides unrivaled practical and hands-on experience to springboard your career.

How hard is jag training?

The initial JAG training can also be difficult for attorneys with families. Training begins with approximately six weeks of officer training focused on leadership skills and military tactics and then approximately ten weeks of JAG school (Marine JAG training is significantly more rigorous).

What is the acceptance rate for Jag?

While some judge advocates have prior enlisted or commissioned experience, most are direct commissioned and have no prior military training or experience. Acceptance into the Army JAG Corps is highly selective with an acceptance rate between 4-7%.

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What is the entry rank for JAG?

Judge Advocates enter active duty as first lieutenants (O-2) and are promoted to captain (O-3) after six months. View the typical base pay for Air Force personnel. Judge Advocates are not required to live on base, although those with families may choose to do so depending on availability and preferences.

What is the salary of a JAG officer in the Army?

How much does an Army Jag Officer in Los Angeles, CA make? The average Army Jag Officer in Los Angeles, CA makes $58,858, 3% above the national average Army Jag Officer salary of $57,121. This pay is 16% lower than the combined average salaries of other metros Washington, DC, Dallas, TX and Denver, CO.

Do JAGs ever see combat?

2. Do you ever get deployed or have to go to war? Yes, JAGs do get deployed to areas all over the world.

Do jag lawyers see combat?

Depending on the needs of the Army, the judge advocate may be assigned to additional locations during their first four-year tour, which can include combat zones.

Do JAG officers get extra pay?

Navy JAG Corps officers are eligible for a total of $110,000 in retention bonuses, paid over three installments are different career milestones (at approximately the five-year mark, eight-year mark, and 11-year mark).

What is the life of a JAG?

As a JAG, you'll be able to travel as well as live and work in exciting locations all over the world. And while you're serving your country, you will have the opportunity to continue your education through specialized training in an array of legal fields.

What is unique about JAG positions?

In addition to acting as paralegals to military attorneys, JAG enlisted often provide limited paralegal services such as drafting commonly used legal documents for service members and their families, providing guidance to unit commands regarding the administrative and disciplinary procedure, and acting as notaries.

Does Jag pay for law school?

Does the Air Force JAG Corps pay for law school? The Air Force JAG Corps currently does not offer scholarships to pay for law school. The Air Force, however, offers the Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP) to officers and enlisted members on active duty.

What is the age limit for Navy JAG?

Qualifications & Requirements

Be younger than 42 years of age at the time you begin Active Duty service. Waivers may be requested on a very limited basis.

Is Jag realistic?

Like the hit TV series Law and Order, Jag is also based on real-life instances pulled from headlines that reference aspects of actual incidents and cases related to American Naval Law.

What is Jag training like?

As a Judge Advocate, you won't participate in the Basic Training that enlisted Soldiers complete. Instead, you'll attend the Direct Commission Course (DCC), a six-week intensive physical, weapons, and leadership course that will prepare you to serve as an Officer.

What rank are lawyers in the military?

Coast Guard lawyers start at the highest rank, O-3. Marine, Air Force and Navy military lawyers start at the rank of O-2, and Army lawyers start at the rank of O-1.

What are the benefits of being a JAG officer?

  • Enter the Army as an officer at an advanced pay grade (First Lieutenant, O-2). ...
  • Receive a promotion six to eight months after joining. ...
  • Receive a pay raise every one to two years.
  • Receive a substantial tax-free housing and subsistence allowance each month.
  • Low-cost life insurance coverage.

How much do JAGs make in the military?

$121,260. The estimated total pay for a Army JAG Attorney is $121,260 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $113,875 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

What is a JAG officer in the Air Force?

Over 1,300 active duty military attorneys, called judge advocates (JAGs), have discovered that service as a commissioned officer in the Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG Corps) has much to offer. Our legal practice is challenging and offers early opportunities to litigate in a variety of forums.

Can a jag be a colonel?

Time in Army JAG Ranks

For promotion to each of the three field grade ranks – major, lieutenant colonel and colonel – the time-in-grade requirement is three years. Thus, a judge advocate must be a captain for at least three years before becoming eligible for promotion to the highest rank JAG officer.

Who exits a military vehicle first?

When entering or exiting a vehicle, the junior ranking Warrior is the first to enter, and the senior in rank is the first to exit. When outdoors and approached by an NCO/Drill Sergeant, you greet the NCO/Drill Sergeant by saying “Good morning Sergeant/Drill Sergeant” for example. Tradition (FM 7-21.13, Ch.

What rank is a JAG judge?

Previously, the Judge Advocate General was appointed as a two-star rear admiral. In 2008, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 advanced the position of the Judge Advocate General to a statutory three-star vice admiral or lieutenant general.