What does Yeah sure really mean?

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Other forms: yeahs. Yeah is a casual form of yes. When you're hanging out with someone you really look up to and they ask you if you want to go to a party, play it cool by saying “Yeah, sure,” instead of “Yes! I'd love to!”

Is it correct to say yeah sure?

In fact, we have several ways to say yes in English for casual and professional situations. Here are some of the most common: Casual: Yeah, sure.

What does yeah sure mean in sarcasm?

When used sarcastically, it says “yeah, right, I don't believe you.” -I won the race last Sunday. -Sure you did. Urban dictionary defines sure as “the quickest way to answer a question when not paying attention that usually doesn't include any thinking whatsoever,” “to show sarcasm, lack of interest,” among others.

What is the meaning of really sure?

certain; without any doubt: "What's wrong with him?" "I'm not really sure." I'm sure (that) I left my keys on the table. I feel absolutely sure (that) you've made the right decision.

How do you use Yeah sure in a sentence?

"Do you want to come?" "Yeah, sure."

What does the word 'SURE' really mean in English?

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How do you say yeah sure in text?

There's also yep, yeah, yea, yup, ya, yessir, you bet, alright, alrighty, absolutely, of course, gladly, sounds good, will do, no problem, aye aye, roger, totally, definitely, and, if you are a trucker, 10-4.

What does sure mean in a text?

Sure is an informal way of saying `yes' or `all right. '

What is a synonym for really sure?

Some common synonyms of sure are certain, cocksure, and positive. While all these words mean "having no doubt or uncertainty," sure usually stresses the subjective or intuitive feeling of assurance. When is certain a more appropriate choice than sure?

What does sure mean from a guy?

It can be a way of saying "yes" in a less enthusiastic way. It can be used to end a conversation quickly. It can be used to agree with someone, even if you don't really want to. Or, they could be trying to change the subject. If you're not sure what they mean, you can always ask!

How do you respond when someone says sure?

Sure means OK in this context. The standard, polite response is simply: "You're welcome!" In Australia, we often say 'no worries'. Sure would seem a bit dismissive.

Is saying sure disrespectful?

"Sure" is informal; it doesn't seem rude to me but it's also not necessarily polite. It somewhat diminishes the effort of the individual offering something. "Yes, please" is more formal and polite.

Is sure a sarcastic word?

However, when used outside of the sentence (and especially without a possessive pronoun), it indicates reticence, passivity or sarcasm. So how do you know which way to interpret someone's “sure”?

Is sure a polite response?

Saying sure in response to thank you is very informal. It is a replacement for the more standard You're welcome and means much the same as the more formal response certainly. Sure it is sometimes combined with other responses such as: Sure, no problem.

Does sure mean yes and no?

“Sure” can mean “yes”, but is a lot more informal; “Sure” can also mean “certain”; “yes” can't; “Sure” is more likely than “yes” to be used sarcastically, meaning “no, not really”.

What is the slang for yes?

Yep and yeah are very common alternatives to yes, but are only used informally, among people you know well, and they might be frowned upon in formal settings, such as the workplace when you're speaking to your boss.

Why do Americans say for sure?

“For sure” is just a more logical and grammatical way of saying “sure”, which in common Anglo-American speech tends to be used to mean “certainly” or “yes”. This is then reinforced by speaking to other non-native speakers using English as a lingua franca, where “for sure” is heard much more frequently than just “sure”.

What does sure thing mean from a girl?

You say 'sure thing' to show that you agree with someone or will do as they say.

Does it mean when a girl says sure?

In a literal sense, it means she agrees to the activity you proposed. Originally Answered: I asked a girl that likes me out and she said "sure" what does this mean ? I'm “sure” is means “yes.” She is accepting your offer to go out on a date with you.

What does oh really mean?

(colloquial) An exclamation of surprise or amazement.

What is the other meaning of really?

Words like “really” or “very” are frequently overused. In order to improve your vocabulary, we'll show you three tips for avoiding them. “Really” is an adverb that can mean “actually,” definitely,” “honestly, or “extremely.”

How do you say yes in a short way?

  1. Yes.
  2. Ya.
  3. Yep.
  4. Yup.
  6. Totally.
  7. Totes.
  8. Sure.

How do you say yes nicely over text?

Different Ways to Say YES
  1. Yep.
  2. No problem!
  3. Yeah.
  4. Sure.
  5. Definitely.
  6. Naturally.
  7. You bet!
  8. Of course.

How do you say yes to a guy over text?

You can say something like:
  1. "Yes, I'd love to."
  2. "Definitely, that sounds great!"
  3. "Yes, it's a date!"
  4. "Of course I would."
  5. "Sure, what do you want to do?"
  6. "That sounds fun!"

What is the difference between okay and sure?

What is the difference between "okay" and "sure"? Okay is a respond when we react for any reason or cause. Sure means we assure someone to do a complete action of regarding task or action. i.e. I will do this confirm.