What is California Rules of court rule 3.1203 S?

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California Rules of Court, Rule 3.1203 states that “[a] party seeking an ex parte order must notify all parties no later than 10:00 A.M. the court day before the ex parte appearance, absent a showing of exceptional circumstances that justify a shorter time for notice.” (Emphasis added).

What is the rule 3.1332 C in California Rules of court?

Cal. Rules of Court, rule 3.1332, governs motions for continuance of a trial and cautions. Trial continuances are disfavored, and the court may grant a continuance only on an affirmative showing of good cause requiring the continuance (Rule 3.1332(c)).

What is the rule 3.20 A in California Rules of court?

(a) Fields occupied

No trial court, or any division or branch of a trial court, may enact or enforce any local rule concerning these fields. All local rules concerning these fields are null and void unless otherwise permitted or required by a statute or a rule in the California Rules of Court.

What is rule 3.1320 in California Rules of court?

Following a ruling on a demurrer, unless otherwise ordered, leave to answer or amend within 10 days is deemed granted, except for actions in forcible entry, forcible detainer, or unlawful detainer in which case 5 calendar days is deemed granted.

What is the rule of court 3.67 in California?

If, at any time during a hearing, conference, or proceeding conducted by telephone, the court determines that a personal appearance is necessary, the court may continue the matter and require a personal appearance.

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What is California rule of court 3 300?

Rule 3-300 is intended to apply where the member wishes to obtain an interest in client's property in order to secure the amount of the member's past due or future fees.

What is rule 3.4 in California Rules of court?

Rule 3.4 Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel

(g) in trial, assert personal knowledge of facts in issue except when testifying as a witness, or state a personal opinion as to the guilt or innocence of an accused.

What is rule 3.254 in California Rules of court?

(b) Duties of each party

(3) If it serves an order, notice, or pleading on a party who has not yet appeared in the action, serve a copy of the list required under (a) at the same time as the order, notice, or pleading is served.

What is rule 3.1352 of the California Rules of court?

3.1352. A party desiring to make objections to evidence in the papers on a motion for summary judgment must either: (1) Submit objections in writing under rule 3.1354; or (2) Make arrangements for a court reporter to be present at the hearing.

What is rule 3.1306 of the California Rules of court?

Evidence received at a law and motion hearing must be by declaration or request for judicial notice without testimony or cross-examination, unless the court orders otherwise for good cause shown.

What is the rule 3.110 in California?

Rules of Court, rule 3.110(g)). If a responsive pleading is not served within the tie to respond and no extension of time has been granted, the plaintiff should file a Request for Entry of Default within 10 calendar days after the time to respond has elapsed.

What is rule of court 3.5 in California?

(a) Except as permitted by statute, an applicable code of judicial ethics or code of judicial conduct, or standards governing employees of a tribunal,* a lawyer shall not directly or indirectly give or lend anything of value to a judge, official, or employee of a tribunal.

What is the rule of court 3.762 in California?

Rule 3.762.

No evidence may be presented at the conference, but counsel must be fully prepared to discuss class issues and must possess authority to enter into stipulations. Notice of the conference may be given by any party.

What is California Rules of court rule 3.1302 B?

In accordance with California Rules of Court, Rule 3.1302(b), the documents submitted with the notice must be lodged and not filed. The lodged documents will not be imaged, will not be part of the official court file, and will be returned in the manner requested or recycled if no manner of return is specified.

What is Cal Rules of court rule 3.1322 B?

A notice of motion to strike must be given within the time allowed to plead, and if a demurrer is interposed, concurrently therewith, and must be noticed for hearing and heard at the same time as the demurrer.

What is rule 5.393 of the California Rules of court?

2023 California Rules of Court

For purposes of this rule: (1) A "trial day" is defined as a period no less than two and a half hours of a single court day. (2) A "long-cause hearing" is defined as a hearing on a request for order that extends more than a single court day.

What is rule 3.815 in California Rules of court?

If the inability to hold an arbitration hearing is due to the neglect or lack of cooperation of a party who elected or stipulated to arbitration, the court may set the case for trial and may make any other appropriate orders.

What is rule 3.1382 of the California Rules of court?

R. 3.1382. A motion or application for determination of good faith settlement may include a request to dismiss a pleading or a portion of a pleading.

What is rule 3.221 of the California Rules of court?

In all general civil cases, the plaintiff must serve a copy of the ADR information package on each defendant together with the complaint. Cross-complainants must serve a copy of the ADR information package on any new parties to the action together with the cross-complaint.

What is rule 3.529 in Cal Rules of court?

When an order granting coordination is filed in an included action, all further proceedings in that action are automatically stayed, except as directed by the coordination trial judge or by the coordination motion judge under (c).

What is the rule of court 4.103 in California?

(a) At the time of acceptance or during the term of supervision, the receiving state may impose a condition on an offender if that condition would have been imposed on an offender sentenced in the receiving state.

What is the rule of court 3.515 in California?

Under California Rules of Court Rule 3.515, either party in a civil case, including a family law case, has the right to file a motion for a stay. When granted by a court, a motion for a stay pending appeal prevents that court from carrying out its verdict until the appeal is heard.

What is the rule 4.104 in California?

Rule 4.104(c)(2) reflects court rulings in cases where defendants wished to plead not guilty and have the court order attendance of traffic violator school if found guilty after trial. A court has discretion to grant or not grant traffic violator school.

What is California Rules of court rule 3.1540 A?

California Rules of Court, rule 3.1540(a) requires the trial judge to examine prospective jurors, orally, by written questionnaire, or both. Once the trial judge has completed that task, the attorneys must be permitted to ask additional questions.

What is rule 8.493 of the California Rules of court?

(A) Unless otherwise ordered by the court under (B), the prevailing party in an original proceeding is entitled to costs if the court resolves the proceeding by written opinion after issuing an alternative writ, an order to show cause, or a peremptory writ in the first instance.