What is meant by Lok Adalats?

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Lok Adalat is one of the alternative dispute redressal mechanisms, it is a forum where disputes/cases pending in the court of law or at pre-litigation stage are settled/ compromised amicably. Lok Adalats have been given statutory status under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

What is meant by Lok Adalat and its advantages?

The advantages of Lok Adalat are as follows: There is no court fee and if the court fee is already paid the amount will be refunded if the dispute is settled at Lok Adalat. In other words, it is less expensive. The basic features of Lok Adalat are the procedural flexibility and speedy trial of the disputes.

What is Lok Adalat Ncert?

The term Lok Adalat means 'People's Court'. It was set up by Legal Services Authorities on the recommendation of Justice P. ... These courts helped in eliminating high costs and delays in imparting justice. Disputed cases with the involvement of conflicting parties are settled informally and cordially.

What are Lok Adalats explain Class 11?

What are Lok Adalats? Explain. Answer: Lok Adalats resolve disputes on the basis of discussion, counselling to provide speedy and Chief Justice alongwith the mutual and free consultation of the parties concerned. Lok Adalats reduce time and expenditure also.

What is the other name of Lok Adalat?

Lok Adalat (People's Court) is Statutory Organisation under Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, and created as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism used in India. It is a forum where cases pending on panchayat, or at a pre-litigation stage in a court of law, are settled.

What is Lok Adalat/ which types of cases are decided in lok adalat

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What is Lok Adalat advantages and disadvantages?

Faster and easier justice must not come with the price of injustice which is what falls as a disadvantage of Lok Adalat. ... Lok adalat is all about settlement and compromise which is not what every case requires. Most cases in India require punishment and correctional methods which is not under the dealing of lok adalat.

How do Lok Adalats reduce the workload of other courts?

The Lok Adalats reduce the workload of other courts which reduces delays in higher courts. 3. They promote social justice by providing legal aid to weaker sections of the society. ... Since Lok Adalats work in the spirit of compromise and understanding, both the parties feel satisfied.

Which types of cases are decided in Lok Adalat?

Civil cases, matrimonial cases, MACT cases and petty offence cases are mainly referred for lok adalat.

Who is known as father of Lok Adalat?

Answer: Dr. Justice A.S. Anand, Judge, Supreme Court of India took over as the Executive Chairman of National Legal Services Authority on 17the July, 1997. Soon after assuming the office, His Lordship initiated steps for making the National Legal Services Authority functional.

Can Lok Adalats deal with criminal cases?

All cases of civil and criminal nature which are permitted under law to be compromised and compounded are settled in Lok Adalats.

How are Lok Adalats different from normal courts?

Nature and Scope: Generally speaking, Lok Adalat is not a court in its accepted connotation. The difference between Lok Adalat and law court is that the law court sets at its premises where the litigants come with their lawyers and witnesses goes to the people to delivers justice at their door step.

How have Lok Adalats ensured speedy justice?

Lok Adalat and Public Interest Litigation ensure speedy justice because some of the cases can be easily disposed of in Lok Adalats. ... The litigants can also get a refund of the amount submitted in the court for the cases which got settled in Lok Adalats. The cases related to family, money, property, etc.

Are Lok Adalats effective?

'Karnataka has settled most cases through Lok Adalats in India' ... Patil, Karnataka High Court judge and State president of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority, has said that Karnataka is first in disposing the maximum number of cases through Lok Adalats in India.

Why are Lok Adalats becoming popular?

Lok Adalat has become popular because it works in the spirit of compromise and delivers Speedy and inexpensive justice.

What are the powers of Lok Adalat?

The Lok Adalat will have similar powers of a Civil Court and is governed under the Code of Civil Procedure. It has the power to summon and enforce the attendance of a witness. Power to receive evidence regarding a particular case. The Lok Adalat has the power to follow its own procedure for determining any dispute.

Which is the highest civil court in a district?

The court of the district judges is the highest civil court in a district.

How many types of Lok Adalat are there?

Karnataka Government established 6 Permanent Lok Adalats- one each at Bengaluru, Belagavi, Dharwad, Kalaburagi, Mysore and Mangaluru.

Who can organize Lok Adalat?

(1) Lok Adalats may be organised by the State Authorities or District Authorities or Supreme Court Legal Services Committee or High Court Legal Services Committee or, as the case may be, the Taluk Legal Services Committees at regular intervals and such Lok Adalats shall be organised for a definite geographical area as ...

What are the levels of Lok Adalat India?

There are various level and conposcompo of Lok Adalat: State authority level, High court level, District level, Taluk level. There is National Lok Adalat as well working to provide way asses to justice.

How many high courts are there in India?

High Courts: High Courts are the highest judicial body at the State level. Article 214 lays down the authority of High Courts. There are 25 High Courts in India. High Courts exercise civil or criminal jurisdiction only if the subordinate courts in the State are not competent to try the matters.

How many sitting Judges are there in Supreme Court?

There are currently 32 judges (including the chief justice of India) who comprise the Supreme Court of India, the highest court in the country. The maximum possible strength is 34. As per the country's Constitution, judges of the Supreme Court retire at age of 65.

How are Lok Adalat useful in speedy trials?

Litigants can get refund of court fee in the cases settled in Lok Adalats. The accident victims have to get compensation in the shortest possible time and it is possible only through Lok Adalats. All cases relating to family, property, money, accident, labour and compoundable criminal cases can be settled there.

What are the duties of the conciliator?

A conciliator, also called an administrative judge, is responsible for helping two parties come to an agreement or negotiate terms outside of the court. Conciliators act as neutral entities between opposing parties and work to ensure they both can settle their dispute without turning to a court trial.

What are the functions of NALSA?

The principal objective of NALSA is to provide free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the society and to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities, and to organize Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes.

What is the object of PIL?

The chief objective behind PILs is ensuring justice to all and promoting the welfare of the people. It is generally used to safeguard group interests and not individual interests, for which Fundamental Rights have been provided. The Supreme Court of India and the High Courts have the right to issue PILs.