What is the difference between Lok Adalat and permanent Lok Adalat?

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Permanent Lok-Adalat is Permanent, It is permanent in nature. Lok-Adalat is temporary in nature. 2. Any Party to a dispute may make an application to the Permanent Lok-Adalat for settlement of the dispute before the dispute is brought before any Court.

How many types of Lok Adalat are there in India?

Lok Adalats are bifurcated into: National Lok Adalat. Permeant Lok Adalat. Mobile Lok Adalat.

What is meant by a Lok Adalat?

Lok Adalat is one of the alternative dispute redressal mechanisms, it is a forum where disputes/cases pending in the court of law or at pre-litigation stage are settled/ compromised amicably. Lok Adalats have been given statutory status under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

What is difference between arbitration and conciliation?

Arbitration is a formal process and can follow similar procedures to court proceedings where witnesses can be called and evidence can be presented to argue the parties' respective cases. Conciliation is an informal process and normally involves a 'round table' discussion.

What is difference between mediation and reconciliation?

Mediation is a process of resolving issues between parties wherein a third party assist them in arriving at an agreement. Conciliation is a alternate dispute resolution method in which an expert is appointed to settle the dispute by persuading parties to reach agreement.

Difference Between Lok Adalat & Permanent Lok Adalat By Rahul Agrawal

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What is difference between mediation and arbitration?

Arbitrator listens to facts and evidence and renders an award. Mediator helps the parties define and understand the issues and each side's interests. Parties present case, testify under oath. Parties vent feelings, tell story, engage in creative problem-solving.

Who is the father of Lok Adalat?

Answer: Dr. Justice A.S. Anand, Judge, Supreme Court of India took over as the Executive Chairman of National Legal Services Authority on 17the July, 1997. Soon after assuming the office, His Lordship initiated steps for making the National Legal Services Authority functional.

What is the other name of Lok Adalat?

Lok Adalat (People's Court) is a Statutory Organisation under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, and was created as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism used in India. It is a forum where cases pending on panchayat, or at a pre-litigation stage in a court of law, are settled.

Who started Lok Adalat?

The Lok Adalat was first started in Gujarat in March 1982 and slowly spread across the country. The advent of Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 gave a statutory authority to Lok Adalats, pursuant to the constitutional mandate in Article 39-A of the Indian Constitution.

What type of cases are taken up in permanent Lok Adalat?

The Permanent Lok Adalat has jurisdiction to attend cases only relating to Public Utility Services such as transport, postal, telegraph sanitation, banking, education, dispensary, power, light, water, insurance, housing, and real estate services.

Can we appeal against permanent Lok Adalat?

Permanent Lok Adalats Can Decide A Dispute On Merits; But Conciliation Proceedings Preceding It Are Mandatory: Supreme Court. The Supreme Court observed that the Permanent Lok Adalats have adjudicatory functions under the Legal Services Act,1987 and thus empowered to decide a dispute before it on merits.

Which type of cases are settled by Lok Adalat?

Civil cases, matrimonial cases, MACT cases and petty offence cases are mainly referred for lok adalat.

Can Permanent Lok Adalat take criminal cases?

Yes, Permanent Lok Adalats for Public Utility Services have jurisdiction in respect of matters relating to an offence compoundable under any law.

Which Adalat is known as People's court?

Inspired by the Panchayat system in India whereby disputes between village members were settled by the elected council, known as the Panchayat, the country established more legally recognized institutions known as Lok Adalats or the “People's Court”.

Who presided over the Lok Adalat?

The Lok Adalat is presided over by a sitting or retired judicial officer as the chairman, with two other members, usually a lawyer and a social worker. There is no court fee. If the case is already filed in the regular court, the fee paid will be refunded if the dispute is settled at the Lok Adalat.

What is the full form of PIL?

Public interest litigation is the use of the law to advance human rights and equality, or raise issues of broad public concern. It helps advance the cause of minority or disadvantaged groups or individuals.

How many Judges are there in Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court of India comprises the Chief Justice and 30 other Judges appointed by the President of India.

What is the difference between ADR and mediation?

Mediation and arbitration are both forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), meaning alternatives to the expensive and time-consuming litigation of a lengthy court battle.

What is the difference between litigation and arbitration?

Litigation is a legal process in which the court decides the outcome for the dispute. Arbitration resolves disputes by appointing a neutral third party to study the case, receive the evidence, and then make a binding decision.

What is the difference between arbitration and judicial settlement?

According to this latter view, judicial settlement involves the application of law, while arbitral settlement operates on a wider basis, taking account, for instance, of considerations of equity and expediency.

What are the two types of conciliation?

informal conciliation; where disputes are addressed between a client and lawyer over the phone, by email or in writing. formal conciliation (otherwise known as a 'conciliation conference'); where a client and lawyer meet to discuss, and try to resolve the issue with the help of a conciliator in attendance.

What is the difference between arbitration and adjudication?

In the case of both arbitration and litigation the outcome is the same in that it is legally binding. Whilst Adjudication starts with the referring party issuing a Notice of Adjudication, arbitration starts with the referring party issuing a 'request for arbitration' or a 'notice of arbitration'.

What is the main difference between a conciliator and a mediator?

Like mediation, a qualified and neutral professional also facilitates negotiations between those in dispute to help them achieve a resolution. Compared with mediation, however, the conciliator takes a more interventionist role.

Can Lok Adalat try criminal cases?

Yes, Lok Adalat deals with criminal cases (compoundable offences). But, the Lok Adalat shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any case or matter relating to an offence not compoundable under any law.