What is the JAG acceptance rate?

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While some judge advocates have prior enlisted or commissioned experience, most are direct commissioned and have no prior military training or experience. Acceptance into the Army JAG Corps is highly selective with an acceptance rate between 4-7%.

Is it hard to get into the JAG Corps?

The JAG application process is competitive, rigorous and highly selective. We evaluate each candidate using the "whole person" concept, which means we look at academic performance, extracurricular activities, community service, prior military record (if any) as well as work and leadership experience.

What is the acceptance rate for Navy JAG officers?

The five percent selection rate is an indication of how the Navy JAG Corps continues to be an attractive and competitive employer.

How hard is it to become an Army JAG?

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps of the five military branches is as competitive and demanding as any military career. Along with completing the educational and licensing requirements of the legal profession, you must also be able to meet the same standards as any prospective officer.

What GPA do you need to be a JAG?

There are no stated GPA minimums, but your academic performance will be a factor. In addition, the Corps will consider your legal experience, extracurricular activities, community service, prior military work record (if any), and leadership experience.

Navy Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps

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Is being a jag competitive?

Each of the five branches of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard – has a Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG), and while the positions are competitive, young attorneys wanting a fulfilling, exciting career should consider applying.

Does Jag pay for law school?

Does the Air Force JAG Corps pay for law school? The Air Force JAG Corps currently does not offer scholarships to pay for law school. The Air Force, however, offers the Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP) to officers and enlisted members on active duty.

Do jag lawyers see combat?

Depending on the needs of the Army, the judge advocate may be assigned to additional locations during their first four-year tour, which can include combat zones.

How selective is Army JAG?

While some judge advocates have prior enlisted or commissioned experience, most are direct commissioned and have no prior military training or experience. Acceptance into the Army JAG Corps is highly selective with an acceptance rate between 4-7%.

How much does Army JAG pay?

How much does an Army Jag Officer in Los Angeles, CA make? The average Army Jag Officer in Los Angeles, CA makes $58,858, 3% above the national average Army Jag Officer salary of $57,121. This pay is 14% lower than the combined average salaries of other metros Washington, DC, Denver, CO and Seattle, WA.

Do JAG officers get extra pay?

Navy JAG Corps officers are eligible for a total of $110,000 in retention bonuses, paid over three installments are different career milestones (at approximately the five-year mark, eight-year mark, and 11-year mark).

How long is a Navy JAG contract?

After your four‐year active duty obligation, you must remain an additional four years in an inactive reserve, active reserve, or active duty status. While in an inactive status, you are not serving in the military but are subject to recall to active duty during the four years if a major conflict requires such a recall.

What is the age limit for Jag in the Navy?

Be under the age of 42 at the time of entry into the JAG Corps (years of prior commissioned military service will increase the age limit). Waivers for those exceeding the age limit are considered in meritorious cases.

Does Jag deploy?

Yes. You are going to deploy if you join the JAG Corps.

What rank do you start as a JAG in the Army?

They enter the Army as first lieutenants and quickly earn promotion to captain, generally within a year or less of their initial commissioning. There are several factors affecting their next promotion to major.

Can you join JAG before law school?

Whether you're studying to become a lawyer, want to or are already practicing law, you'll need to meet these requirements to become a Judge Advocate: Have a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from an ABA-accredited law school. Be admitted to the bar of any U.S. state, commonwealth, or territory. Be a U.S. Citizen.

Can a jag go to Ranger school?

Although the JAG Corps internship primarily focuses on law, interns also are officers in the military and encouraged to immerse themselves in the culture and opportunities offered, Hutton said. That means the ability to attend 6:30 a.m. jump school with the 82nd Airborne Division or even Ranger School.

What is the Air Force equivalent of Jag?

The United States Air Force became a separate military service in September 1947. On June 25, 1948, Congress established an office of The Judge Advocate General (TJAG) in the United States Air Force. On July 8, 1949, the Air Force Chief of Staff designated 205 attorneys Air Force Judge Advocates.

What do JAG lawyers wear?

Military dress will be the Blue Mess Uniform, the Dress Blue Uniform, or Army Service Uniform (with black bowtie). Civilian dress is black tie. d.

How much does a JAG lawyer get paid in the marines?

Judge advocates earn the title “Marine,” while using their legal expertise in support of America's finest. The salary for this position varies based on location, but is generally between $60,764 and $85,848 upon completion of entry-level training, and up to $101,799 after two years of service.

How much does a JAG lawyer get paid in the Air Force?

The average Air Force Jag in the US makes $46,255. Air Force Jags make the most in San Francisco, CA at $69,640, averaging total compensation 51% greater than the US average.

Does Jag pay off student loans?

The highly touted Air Force JAG Corps Student Loan Repayment Program pays eligible JAGs up to $65,000 toward student loan debt. Payments are made directly to a qualified lender over a three-year period, starting after completion of the first year of service as a JAG Officer.

What are the benefits of becoming a JAG?

  • Enter the Army as an officer at an advanced pay grade (First Lieutenant, O-2). ...
  • Receive a promotion six to eight months after joining. ...
  • Receive a pay raise every one to two years.
  • Receive a substantial tax-free housing and subsistence allowance each month.
  • Low-cost life insurance coverage.

What rank are lawyers in the military?

Coast Guard lawyers start at the highest rank, O-3. Marine, Air Force and Navy military lawyers start at the rank of O-2, and Army lawyers start at the rank of O-1.