Who is a party to a suit?

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PARTIES TO A SUIT IN EQUITY. The person who seeks a remedy in chancery by suit, commonly called a plaintiff, and the person against whom the remedy is sought, usually denominated the defendant, are the parties to a suit in equity.

What are the parties to a suit?

Every civil lawsuit involves at least two parties—a plaintiff making a claim and a defendant resisting it.

What does party to a case mean?

The persons who are directly involved or interested in any act, affair, contract, transaction, or legal proceeding; opposing litigants. Persons who enter into a contract or other transactions are considered parties to the agreement. When a dispute results in litigation, the litigants are called parties to the lawsuit.

Who are the parties to a civil suit?

The parties in a civil suit are the plaintiff i.e. the person who brings an action for his rights and the defendant i.e. the person against whom such rights are claimed.

Who is party in criminal trial?

The Accused Person. An accused is a party in a criminal proceeding and is the person against whom criminal proceedings have been instituted.

Necessary / Proper party to a suit filed by Plaintiff

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Who is a party to the action?

The person who starts the action is the plaintiff, and the person sued is the defendant. They are the parties in the action.

What does party to a crime mean?

In modern times, the parties to crime are principals and their accomplices, and accessories. The criminal act element required for accomplice liability is aiding, abetting, or assisting in the commission of a crime.

Who are the parties to a criminal offence?

For convenience, parties to an offence can be divided into two:
  • Principal Offenders.
  • Secondary Offenders.

How many parties to a crime are there?


Culpable parties are basically of four different types and they are- (a) Perpetrators, (b) Abettors, (c) Inciters, and (d) criminal protectors.

What are the two parties in crime?

In modern times, there are only two parties to a crime: a principal, who is in the same category with his or her accomplice(s), and accessory(ies). Principals actually commit the crime, and they and their accomplices are criminally responsible for it.

Who are the parties involved in a civil and a criminal case?

Civil law deals with the disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two, in which compensation is awarded to the victim. Criminal law is the body of law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses.