Why does Kim stay with Jimmy?

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Kim sees that Jimmy has the potential to be a proper, successful lawyer who can leave the ways of Slippin Jimmy behind (his earlier con-man alter ego). Kim thus makes a point of sticking up for Jimmy because she feels he is being unfairly characterized by everybody around him.

Does Kim fall out of love with Jimmy?

It was always chaotic and damaging. It wasn't that Kim fell out of love with Jimmy. You can sense how difficult it was for her to leave. The only way to break the addiction was to leave the relationship.

Do Kim and Jimmy stay together in Better Call Saul?

One of Better Call Saul's highlights was the introduction of the resourceful and determined Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), who became Jimmy's foil and love interest. While the show ends with Jimmy and Kim separated, it hints that their time together will continue.

Why does Kim Wexler love Jimmy?

Kim liked Slippin' Jimmy from the time they scammed Ken out of expensive booze. She loved him as he transitioned to Saul with their Mesa Verde scams and their plot to sabotage Howard. Kim didn't like where her law career had taken her and Jimmy/Saul was fun and exciting.

Why does Kim get married to Jimmy?

Kim tells Jimmy she is upset that he made her the "sucker" for his con and says that because of the lack of trust they either need to separate or get married so they can enjoy spousal privilege. Jimmy and Kim marry in a simple courthouse ceremony.

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Does Kim divorce Jimmy?

Despite Kim and Jimmy's unconditional love for each other, Kim left him and Albuquerque after one of their schemes went horribly wrong, causing her to believe that they were bad for everyone around them. She subsequently retired permanently from her law career, and divorced Jimmy later that year.

Why did Kim Wexler leave Jimmy?

She tells Jimmy that they are bad for one another—that the chaos they've created together is too much for her conscience, despite having “the time of [her] life” doing it. She cancels her own law license, packs her bags, and leaves Saul for an unknown destination.

Why does Jimmy get 86 years?

Kim attends the sentencing in Albuquerque, where Jimmy admits he lied so she would be present in person. He confesses to enabling Walt and admits his role in Chuck's suicide. He is sentenced to 86 years in prison, where he is revered by fellow inmates who recognize him as Saul.

Why does Chuck hate Jimmy?

Although in the first season it seemed that he was initially supportive of Jimmy, Chuck harbored resentful feelings toward him because of his conman past and charisma, in addition to Jimmy's approach to his career. From the second season onward, Chuck transforms into Jimmy's nemesis.

Does Jimmy McGill love Kim?

While interesting and complete as individual characters, Jimmy and Kim really seem to complete each other — but you wouldn't exactly call their relationship "healthy." As Kim said herself, while they love each other, together they're "poison."

What happens to Kim and Jimmy in the end?

Jimmy and Kim are both still alive. They're both kicking. He seems to have found a way to survive behind bars, and she certainly seems like she's headed back into the law. So in a weird way, I think it is a happy ending.

Does Saul really love Kim?

It seems like they love each other but in a really unorthodox way - they're not as romantic as couples in other TV shows, and they don't show too much affection to each other until the nights when they're both at home.

What is the fate of Kim Wexler?

Well, thankfully we now know that she is indeed alive in the post-Breaking Bad world of Jimmy McGill's new alias Gene Takavic. In 'Waterworks', we see that Kim now works at a sprinkler manufacturer in Florida, and she gets a call from 'Gene' after all these years.

Is Kim Wexler in Breaking Bad?

Although Kim has cemented herself as the heart of Better Call Saul, she is also a character in part defined by her absence from Breaking Bad.

Why does Jimmy send Kim to shoot?

1 thing marriage counselors tell their patients not to do. As she explained to Mike and Gus, though, Kim believed Jimmy pushed her into the hitman assignment because he figured she'd be safer outside of the apartment and as far away as possible from Lalo.

Did Jimmy try to save Kim?

In the end, Jimmy decided to trade his sentence for Kim's. Instead of the 7 years he was supposed to serve, he admitted he helped build Walt's drug empire, giving him an 86-year-old sentence, clearing Kim of any wrongdoing, and allowing her to walk away and restart her life as a lawyer.

What mental illness does Chuck McGill have?

One of the subplots of the show follows Chuck's obsessive compulsive order (OCD), a mental illness where people suffer from intrusive thoughts and compulsions.

Why was Jimmy happy after Chuck died?

Because Howard blames himself for kicking Chuck out of the firm after the issue with the malpractice insurance, Jimmy is more than happy to let Howard shoulder the blame as he can let himself believe that Howard's decision to dismiss Chuck from the firm was what caused Chuck to kill himself.

Why did Kim cry after Chuck's letter?

Kim wrote the letter

There are some who think Kim swapped out the letter Howard Hamlin gave her from Chuck. She wrote a new one trying to say nice things that maybe would make Jimmy grieve in a normal way. When Jimmy didn't seem to care about the letter, Kim was racked with guilt and that's why she wound up crying.

Why did Jimmy only get $5,000?

$5000 was the (exact) minimum amount of money that Chuck could leave Jimmy in his will without it being legally contested and Kim pointed that out to Howard. (It was Chuck being a petty jerk to Jimmy from beyond the grave). I hope this fully answers your question.

Does Jimmy ever become a lawyer again?

After Chuck's death in the Season 3 finale, Jimmy leans into his criminal nature by selling burner phones and performing various scams. Then, when his law license is reinstated, he requests to practice law officially under the “Saul Goodman” name.

Why did Jimmy confess at the end?

As part of abandoning the monster that he has become, Jimmy bares his deepest and darkest secrets while under oath. This is meant to convince not just Kim, but also the audience, that Jimmy is sincere about seeking redemption for his crimes. For Jimmy, this must have also come with a deep sense of relief.

How did Saul save Kim?

In order to protect Kim from being prosecuted by Howard's widow, Saul confessed to everything at his hearing. As Kim watched on, Saul reversed his earlier statement about being threatened by Walt and Jesse and admitted that Walt would have died or gone to prison had it not been for him.

Why didn t Kim tell Jimmy about Lalo?

And when Jimmy says it to her, it's loaded, it's desperate. And when Kim explains why she hid the Lalo-is-alive news from him, she gets really honest and says she didn't want to dismantle the scheme because then they'd break up and she was having too much fun.

What happened to Howard Hamlin?

Lalo Salamanca unexpectedly arrives soon afterward and Kim implores Howard to leave immediately, but Lalo kills him with a gunshot to the head.