Is LSAT Flex shorter?

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The LSAT-Flex has one less Logical Reasoning section than the normal LSAT. This makes the test considerably shorter. Rather than forcing yourself to stay focused for four hours, you only have to stay awake for about half of that.

Is the LSAT shorter now?

The LSAC responded to test-taker and law school feedback by making the LSAT test day shorter, making the test more flexible, providing test-takers with typed writing samples, and providing new simulations to mimic the conditions under which you might take law school exams in the future.

How many questions can you miss on LSAT Flex to get 170?

Using the chart as an LSAT-Flex score calculator, you can use correct answer totals to find excellent, good, and average scaled results for the three-section exam: Excellent: Answering at least 67 questions correctly on the LSAT-Flex gives you a score of 170, placing you in the 97th percentile of test-takers.

How long is the LSAT Flex sections?

The LSAT Flex only has 3 sections in it — one each of the reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning sections. Each section is still 35 minutes long and consists of multiple-choice questions.

How many questions can you get wrong to get a 160 on the LSAT Flex?

Every LSAT throughout the year is different, but on a typical LSAT, you can still get 25 wrong and end up in the 160s— or about 20 wrong and get a 164, a 90th percentile score. Even a perfect score of 180 often allows for a question or two to be missed.

Why LSAT-Flex is Shorter

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Is 159 a bad LSAT score?

The typical LSAT score for 2022 law school enrollees was about 159, but top programs require scores in the 170-175 range.

Is 148 a good LSAT score?

Typical LSAT score ranges include: 120-147 Low. 148-156 Mid. 157-164 High.

Can you go to the bathroom during LSAT Flex?

In addition, breaks between test sections and stop/start breaks are available as accommodations on the LSAT, and can also be used for the purposes of using the restroom. Please take this into consideration when requesting testing accommodations.

Can I take the LSAT Flex in my bedroom?

You can take the LSAT at home, or in another quiet, well-lit, private space.

Is the LSAT Flex score differently?

LSAT Flex Scoring Conversion

Unlike the traditional LSAT, the LSAT Flex only has three sections that are scored. This means that instead of the sections being weighted differently, each of the three sections is weighted the same. Check our chart for a comparison of scoring percentages for both tests below.

Why is the LSAT Flex easier?

The LSAT-Flex has one less Logical Reasoning section than the normal LSAT. This makes the test considerably shorter. Rather than forcing yourself to stay focused for four hours, you only have to stay awake for about half of that. It's less arduous and there's less pressure.

How realistic is it to get a 170 on LSAT?

However, it is possible. Despite what many people believe, there is no trick or shortcut to getting a 170 or more on an LSAT score. Very few people can walk into the room on test day with very little or no practice and be able to score that highly. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to score up to 170 or higher.

What percent of LSAT takers get a 170?

170 score: Scoring a 170 on the LSAT is almost always considered a good score — that means you are in the 2-3% of test-takers.

What months are the hardest for the LSAT?

Using that data, you'll find that the December exam consistently has the easiest "curve," and the June exam consistently has the hardest.

Is the LSAT harder now than it used to be?

Short answer: No. The only difference across practice tests over time is that early Logic Games are harder, so if anything, the LSAT has gotten easier. Don't worry about subtle changes based on a few data points. Focus on understanding the test, one question at a time.

Do most people finish the LSAT?

Many people don't finish. The score comes from getting questions right, not just from getting them answered, and a correct guess is as good as a right answer, whether you like it or not. Don't waver about guessing. Decide quickly, once you recognize the possibility, then do it and forget about it.

Can I wear a hoodie during the LSAT?

Your favorite t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers work well. If you're a girl (or like to dress like one), you can also go the Juicy sweatpants route. You don't know whether the test center will be hot or cold, so layers are a good idea. Don't bring a hoodie, though.

Can I drink coffee during LSAT?

So, these items can be in your zip lock bag, but you would not have access to the items during the test. You can keep your coffee in plastic container (20 oz./591 ml maximum size) that you would also keep in your zip lock bag and would not have access to during the test.

Can I have water during my LSAT?


According to the LSAC regulations issued in March 2007, a beverage in a plastic container or juice box (20 oz./591 ml maximum size) and a snack (for break only) are allowed. Note: Some testing centers do not allow you to bring food and drink into the center, although water bottles may be approved.

Can there be a TV in my room during the LSAT?

Make sure that your desk space is completely clear other than the allowed items, make sure any screens/electronics in the room are turned off, and there aren't any notes or pieces of paper with writing on them displayed throughout the room that could be brought into question by the proctor.

Can I have my phone during the LSAT?

You may not leave the vicinity of the Test center, as defined by the Test proctor, during the Intermission or otherwise during the Test. You may not exit the building prior to the end of the Test. Cellular phones and other prohibited items may not be accessed during the Intermission or otherwise during the Test.

What did Obama get on the LSAT?

Unraveling the secret behind Obama's LSAT Score

Hence it's very likely that Obama had an LSAT Score around the median of the class (43 on the then-used 48 point scale).

What is the average LSAT score without studying?

The average LSAT score without studying ranges from 135 to 145, well below the median at 151 in the 50th percentile. Preparing with practice tests and learning the skills you need for each exam section is the key to boosting your LSAT scores.

Is 158 a bad LSAT score?

As mentioned above, the average LSAT score nationally is a 152. Generally speaking, a score of 160 and above is necessary to guarantee admission into top-100 schools like Tulane, UC Hastings, or Case Western Reserve.